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Professional and Academic Communication in English (PACE)

PACE involves a number of activities aimed at developing people’s expertise and confidence in a range of academic writing, publishing and presentation practices. The activities are based on current research on academic communication practices in context. PACE is based on an approach which values the experience, language backgrounds and subject expertise which postgraduate researchers bring to their academic writing. We recognise that language and communication lie at the heart of the practice of research and that all researchers grapple with writing challenges and decisions. PACE is aimed at, and open to, all students, whether English is their first or an additional language.
PACE aims to help you:

  • Reflect on what academic communication means for you in your research
  • Prepare to communicate effectively in your discipline and subfield
  • Develop your confidence as an academic communicator in writing and orally

Three core activities currently make up the PACE programme:

  • Postgraduate workshops on academic writing, reading and presenting - see details below
  • Postgraduate Writing Circle
  • Bookable 1-1 appointments with a writing consultant.

There is also a PACE Online resource which is available to all postgraduate researchers, but perhaps particularly useful for those unable to attend live PACE sessions. This resource can be followed as a ‘short course’ or dipped into as a reference resource.
Co-ordinator: Dr Jackie Tuck, School of Languages and Applied Linguistics, WELS.

For registration and further details, contact:
Here’s more information about the current PACE team.

Postgraduate workshops on academic writing, reading and presenting 
Who are these sessions for?
These sessions are aimed at postgraduate research students who would like to develop their use of academic English. For example, you may be someone who feels unfamiliar or out of practice with academic conventions, you may be a user of English as an additional language, you may want to spend some time considering the specialist discourse and genres you are expected to use over the coming year. If so, come along to the sessions listed below.
Where and when are the sessions held? The sessions are held on Wednesday mornings, in the regular slot 10.30-12.30. Between October and April there are three Blocks of four sessions. Due to COVID-19, PACE 20-21 comprises online sessions. Here's a downloadable PACE workshop schedule.