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Researching in lockdown

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A lecture series for OU PhD and Professional Doctorate students

Given the current significant challenges in undertaking research, this lecture series consists of a number of OU academics who either research using online and/or remote methodologies and data collection, or have begun to rethink their projects. Researchers will discuss how their work is undertaken or being adapted. The aim is to showcase research approaches across the disciplines to illustrate the diversity and breadth of approaches rather than to provide subject-specific advice to students. 

The lectures will typically be about 45 minutes long with time for questions. The sessions will be hosted through the Adobe Connect Doctoral Training Room for students to join in real time (use this public link if you have access issues) or access a recording of the lecture. The lectures will also be available to any students at other universities who are in our DTPs. We are also compiling a lockdown external resources/events thread.