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2014 & 2013 Elections

Eleições Nacionais 2014 National Elections

Frequent newsletters were pubished about the national elections which tok place 15 October 2014 for President, national parliament, and provincial assemblies. National elections will take place in October 2014. Click on the links to the right for newsletters in English or Portuguese, and for the electoral calendars and laws (in Portuguese).

Eleições Autárquicas 2013 Local Elections

Frequent newsletters were pubished about the elections in 53 muncipalities on 20 November 2013. Click on the links to the right for local elections newsletters in English or Portuguese.

Local media monitoring of Mozambique elections, by Adriano Nuvunga and Joseph Hanlon

Background to the election newsletters. In a system developed in three pairs of municipal and national elections (2003-4, 2008-9, 2013-4), journalists from community radio and other local media, while continuing to work for their own organisation, also report to a national daily newsletter on registration, campaigning, voting and counting. Reports of local violence and misconduct are quickly reported nationally, usually bringing rapid responses. Paper presented at the London School of Economics & Political Science Africa Summit, 31 March 2017.