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Work Experience opportunities at The Open University in Wales 

Work experienceThe Open University in Wales is part of the Achieve through Work Experience Programme which provides additional support for higher education students in Wales who face barriers in securing work experience. Eligible students benefit from tailored, flexible work experience opportunities and the support of an adviser to help prepare for and learn from the experience.

How does GO Wales work? 

If you are an eligible student GO Wales aims to support you to develop the skills to secure employment, further training or education on completion of your course. 
We offer tailored work experience placements in the form of:

  • work shadowing – Up to three days of unpaid work experience where you observe someone in their role to understand how they do their job
  • work taster – Up to four weeks of unpaid work experience where you have the opportunity to learn about work and the working environment by observing and undertaking some tasks.
  • work placement – Four to six weeks of paid work experience where you get hands-on experience or work on a project.

Students: Am I eligible?

To take part, you will need to be under 25 years old, studying at undergraduate level for 60 credits or more and be able to say ‘yes’ to one of the following:

  • I have a disability or work limiting health condition
  • I’m from a black and/or minority ethnic background 
  • I have caring or child care responsibilities 
  • I am a care leaver
  • I’m from a low higher education participation neighbourhood (there is more information about this and you can check your eligibility on the Go Wales website).

Rachael’s Story: Watch this video to learn about the experiences of one of our students on the GO-Wales programme.

Employers: How can I take part?

By being part of the GO Wales programme, you have an opportunity to

  • Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and willingness to help to create a fairer society. 
  • Showcase your business or profession
  • Benefit from new ideas and fresh perspectives
  • Talent spot and maybe get a short project completed

We work with all kinds of employers in Wales. If you would like more information, visit the GO Wales website  or contact us via

Rachael’s Story: Watch this video to see how one of our employer partners have supported an Open University student on the GO-Wales programme.

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GO Wales: Achieve through Work Experience is a European Social Fund Programme delivered by Universities in Wales