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Professional development for teachers and support staff

We work closely with Welsh Government, the Education Workforce Counciltrade unions and other organisations in Wales to ensure that Open University courses and qualifications are relevant for all levels of staff in the Welsh education sector.

Teacher with pupilsThere are many issues for learning and development in schools; keeping staff up-to-date with policy changes; managing staff mobility; managing capacity enhancement; working with other professionals; working in partnership with other agencies; developing specific expertise to support inclusion and developing specific expertise to support changing pupil profiles. The flexibility, scale and distance learning style of The Open University (OU) can help you face these issues confidently.

Supporting the Professional learning model in Wales, OU study embeds reflective practice and evidence based activity in its modules and qualifications, with practice based assignments to help enable wider collaboration, coaching and mentoring in the workplace.

The benefits the OU brings to learning and development in schools and colleges in Wales, cover all functions:                     

  • Courses to help develop support staff including Education and also support to develop digital and IT skills
  • A wide range of sector-specific degrees and courses in Education, Childhood & Youth; professional development for both teaching assistants and teachers, including postgraduate development
  • Supplementary courses for teachers beyond their original degree specialisation – including STEM subjects ScienceTechnologyEngineering and Mathematics as well as Modern Foreign Languages
  • Business and Management courses and qualifications for school management teams, plus leadership development for head teachers and leadership teams.
  • Free online educational resources and free online Modern Foreign Languages resources for the education sector in Wales