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Young People’s Programme: online short courses

Get a taster of what it’s like to study at university with The Open University’s Young People’s Programme of online short courses. It will give you strong skills you can use in your UCAS applications and it's completely free.

How will it help you?

Studying an Open University short course alongside your AS and A2 studies will help you:

  • Achieve greater exam success
  • Prove you have great skills and strengths you can include on UCAS applications
  • Stand out from the crowd on competitive university courses
  • Make more informed decisions about your learning and career choices

What can you study?

You don’t have to be studying science to benefit from these short courses. The skills you develop will set you up for any future learning.

What is studying at The Open University like?

You would study the whole course online alongside first year university students from around the world.
Taught by experts in their field, you’ll be in charge of when you study (although you will have deadlines!).

Starting in October 2019, each course usually requires 4-6 hours of independent study a week, spread out over 21 weeks.

There is help on hand too. You’ll have access to study advisers who can help with any course questions you have, as well as the main OU Student Support Team.

How can you apply?

All courses are free, but places are limited. Speak to your teacher for support to request a registration pack. You’ll need to complete this and get your teacher to send it to us before 12 September. If you have any queries you can contact