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My first encounter with the MA ODE was when I lept headlong into H802 in 1998. I was working at Warwick Business School at the time. As Manager of Learning Resources Development I had a hard task steering a massive (1900 student, 65 country) distance learning MBA course through various growing pains within an institution where distance learning was not really what they 'did'. I'd already experienced the various joys of IET (attending IET Professional Development courses as one-offs and being taught by inspirational staff - namely Robin Mason and Tony Kaye. Tony and Robin were the two tutors on the Certificate in Online Education and Training at the Institute of Education, University of London. But these were just mini-appetisers.

H802 was a legend in its own lifetime (remembered fondly once it passed on in 2006, through presentations at this event). This was a tsunami of a course! Tutored by Robin Goodfellow I was studying amidst some legendary MA ODE students. For example, Helen Chappel-Hayios (need I say more?) I was swept away by the transition to a friendly online conferencing system (IET's own eBBS electronic bulletin board) and away from COSY - which was command line typing, no spell-checker, no icons.

The magnetic pull of IET continued to exert its irresistible force. In 2000, having already started to tutor at the OU (T171, but that is another story), I started work at the OU. One of my first new inititiaves as a Development Manager was to introduce the eDesktop (the first step towards an OU VLE), working with IET colleagues Patrick McAndrew and Andrew Remely. In 2002 I moved to an academic role as a Lecturer in IET, working with Robin Mason and Martin Weller as one of the lead authors of H806. I finished my own MAODE in 2003, graduating in 2004 with the new Certificate in Online and Distance Education degree. Since then I have been involved in sister courses H850 and H812 (PG Certificate in Learning and Teaching in HE/Academic Practice) and am currently chairing H808. In 2004 I became a National Teaching Fellow, I suspect the very first to have only taught online.

I recall when interviewed for the IET Lectureship in 2002 being asked why I wanted to work in IET. I had plenty to say. It is IET which fired up my enthusiasm for online learning and gave me the opportunity to pursue this at the highest level. An endlessly fascinating place to work in.