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MAODE Celebration Wiki


Welcome from the IET Teaching Programme Director

It's great to welcome all our alumni to celebrate the Masters in Online and Distance Education. This is your MAODE and this is your wiki in celebration of that. We know that from the first graduates of 1999 and every year since then, studying our courses has brought many positive changes, in terms of new career opportunities, new friends and new practices. We want to hear more about why you began studying on the MAODE and what developments this has led to, for you and maybe for your profession, your business or your employer. So join us here on the MAODE Celebration wiki, and share your perspectives and your stories. I look forward to reading them all.

Professor Mary Thorpe

If you have used a wiki before please feel free to get started straight away and create your own page, give your page your name as the title; as the wiki becomes populated the page titles will form the contents list. As well as text please feel free to upload relevant pictures and weblinks.

If you have not used a wiki before then click here for some basic instructions to get you started.

[John, Chris and Bill, please create your pages here...]

Chris Pegler's Page