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Heritage Studies: Saving Britain's Past

Two of the lead academics who wrote the module AD281 Understanding Global Heritage also worked on the BBC series Saving Britain’s Past. Rodney Harrison and Susie West worked as academic consultants on a seven-part documentary series which was screened on BBC2 over the autumn of 2009. Saving Britain’s Past explores Britain’s changing attitudes towards heritage over the course of the twentieth century, focusing on key ‘moments’ that precipitated change and debate. The subjects of the seven programmes in Saving Britain’s Past are a starting point for exploring some of the key questions and debates surrounding Britain’s heritage that arose during the second part of the twentieth century. Should the bombed-out city of Bath be restored or remodelled? Who cares about post-war housing estates? Was Covent Garden Market worth more to developers or ordinary Londoners? 1,400 lost and rising: the destruction of the English country house and how to save them. How World Heritage learned to love industrial sites; and for the love of the land, crofting, community rights and indigenous heritage.

A DVD containing all seven episodes forms part of the AD281 module materials which are sent to students on enrollment, and will form the focus for part of your study of the course.

An overview of the programmes in the series is available from the BBC website and you can view a related collection of people talking about their heritage on YouTube.