This site provides resource material from the Police Archive held at the Open University for two projects designed for Key Stage 3 and sixth-form students.

The material is presented in the form of two teaching packages: one to study the role of the police during the Second World War and the other to generate discussions about the responsibilities of citizenship. Both topics have associated work sheets with suggestions of how the material might be used.

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The role of the Police during the Second World War

This package is designed particularly to provide a resource for Key Stage 3, and specifically for the study of the home front during the Second World War. Some of the documents are, however, quite lengthy and might well be best used with older students and in other contexts.

The documents are divided into short chapters with a narrative link about the role of the police during the war. 

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The Police and citizenship

These documents have been selected to provide an understanding of the role of the police in English society and, specifically, to generate class discussions about both the complexities of this role and about citizenship responsibilities in general. This material should sit comfortably with any GCSE and sixth-form study course.

The documents are divided into short chapters with a narrative introduction linking the role of the police and the behaviour and/or responsibilities of society. 

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