Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct 1969

1969, September: PC D Shepherd, DI L Phillips, DS G Smith and PC G Queen awarded the Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct in recognition of their courage in the arrest of an armed man.

Len Phillips: Chris Rowe was in charge of this operation, the culprit had been given a bottle of whiskey by his mother whilst in hospital he drank it discharged himself and went on a rampage with a loaded shotgun. He eventually holed up in a social centre.

Officers involved in the shooting incident at Egham 1969

Me, Gordon Smith, Dave Sheppard and Gerry Queen went in at the rear and made the arrest. Unfortunately the police dog was mortally wounded. I believe that during the incident a police car had its windows blown out.

The shooting was at Egham I think it was Hythe Social Centre. Gordon Smith and I had just got back from Wales where we had been for some weeks investigating cattle rustling and theft of JCBs and other large items of earth moving equipment which was being taken to Haverforwest by a pair of ex-Chertsey brothers who had a farm there.

We picked up the incident on the force radio and just went along to see what was happening.

Mick Juniper: The incident happened at Pooly Green, Egham at a social club. It came about as a result of some sort of domestic dispute and the first officer on the scene before he became a dog handler was John Davey. As he approached the club the offender discharged the weapon at him, which was a single barrelled shotgun. The incident developed and an ACC took charge of the operation, I believe it was Rowe. By this time the offender was outside the premises, still armed but stationary.

Dave Shepherd was instructed to deploy Idol who ran to the man but hesitated on his approach. As Dave relates the story Idol was intending to stand out on the offender who then shot at the dog at close range, the shot entering at the top of the dog's muzzle shattering his lower jaw.

I was called out from home at that time but prior to my arrival Dave and another officer had "dealt" with offender and he was in custody with check chain injuries to his face and was hospitalised.

Idol was taken to a vet who decided his injuries where such that the only course was to put the dog down. Dave was subsequently honoured along with other officers and I also believe Idol got some sort of canine award.

'Timber' Wood: The story was that the dog was sent in against a man with a shotgun. Instead of going in for the arm, it was thought that the dog circled and barked thinking it was a stick. The dog, named Bowesmoor Idol, was shot and later destroyed.

We were offered a gift puppy, which David and I went to look at and we bought it home. It was trained but David never got on with it because it was a little soft as a youngster and after his experience he wanted a harder dog.

Dave came off the section and resigned and later joined BAA Police at Gatwick. The gift dog was to become John Worgan's first police dog with which he had great success both operational and in police dog trials.

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