Haslemere 1965

1965: Haslemere: Tony May: After leaving Traffic Deparment in 1965 I was posted to Haslemere as a newly promoted Sergeant. Sergeant Roy Jenkins was my opposite number and ... more I learnt a lot from him about rural policing.

In those days the Section had twelve PCs at Haslemere, four or five more at Hindhead and one each at the village police houses in Chiddingfold, Grayswood and Thursley. We had our own Detective Constable, Harold Gape, a Civilian clerk, Miss Connie Strudwick and a cleaner!

The front desk was manned from 6 am till 12 midnight every day. We ran a car, whose call sign was "J47", for twenty four hours a day covering the whole section and also a motor cycle whose main job was following up enquiries and taking statements.

I remember some of the old timers; Doug Blake, Donny Woodman, Ted Ponsford, Bill Harding and Bill Bailey. Bill Bailey's knowledge of Hindhead Commons was legendry, he took me to places up there I've never been able to find since! Bob Brown lived at Chiddingfold Police House; Tom Gracey was at Thursley and Bernie Prendergast at Grayswood. Some of the others were John Wells and Mick 'Paddy' Gaul who on retirement became civilian counter clerks at Haslemere; Philip Barrett, Peter Earl, Tom Kimber, Michael 'Mick' Horne, Chris Stemp, Colin Grafham, Norman Ratcliffe, Ted Lawrie and Kevin Morris.

After Harold Gape retired Ron Bartlett was the CID officer at Haslemere. Newly arrived PCs from Training School was quite a feature for Haslemere, Joe Dunn and Malcolm Butcher, WPC Rita Jeffries and others arrived and then there were the Cadets, Bob Knowles and Guy Grout being just some we helped to train. We also had two or three Special Constables who we could rely on for occasions like the Brook and Grayswood Fetes and Remembrance Day; the Smallbone brothers especially.

Later Hindhead became a Section in its own right with the arrival of John Boyes PS 705; PC Paddy Newell, PC Clive Warren and PC 'Taffy' Powell who went on to great things on promotion to the Metropolitan Special Crime Squad. Later still Milford Section with PS Colin White in charge also joined us and that is how SW Surrey was policed for many years.

Every year Haslemere ran a Christmas Dance at the Haslemere Hall for charity and Roy Jenkins and myself and later John Stone when he took over after Roy retired were proud that the then Sir Peter Matthews always blessed us with his presence on the night.


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