Helicopter Project

1967, 1 March: Six month helicopter project working with the Army Air Corps. PS 325 John House was the observer for Farnham.

Surrey Constabulary Headquarters,
10 April 1967

Memorandum to Superintendents

Helicopter Experiment

  1. The below listed personnel will be required for helicopter patrol duties at Mount Browne from Monday 24 April 1967 to 6 May 1967 inclusive:
    Sgt. 260 Andrews A          Sgt. 447 Patterson A
    Sgt. 429 House F                D. Sgt. 48 Searle B
    Sgt. 73 Young HGT           Sgt. 803 Pink
    Sgt. 605 Scott J
  2. Sergeant Young and Detective Sergeant Searle will be accommodated at Mount Browne; other personnel will travel daily according to the duty roster, a copy of which is attached. All personnel should report to the Superintendent "H", Mount Browne, at 8.30am on Monday 24th April 1967.
  3. The three helicopters and attendant motor vehicles will be based at H.Q. sports ground and a one-man guard will be provided by "G" and "J" divisions from 8 pm-8 am each night starting at 8 pm on Sunday 23 April and ending at 8 am on Sunday 7th may 1967. The pavilion will be used by the Army Air Corps personnel and police observers for routine work.
  4. Subject to operational requirements exercises and routine patrols will take place as hereunder:
    Tuesday 25 April E and J Div           Sunday 30 April J F A E B D main roads - Traffic
    Wednesday 26 April F and B Div      Monday 1 May G F D B
    Thursday 27 April D and G Div        Tuesday 2 May E Exercise
    Friday 28 April C and A Div              Wednesday 3 May A G J
    Exercise Bisley
    Saturday 29 April J and F Div         Thursday 4 May F J
                                                                        Friday 5 May A D
                                                                        Saturday 6 May E B C
  5. Requests for use of the helicopter should be made as shown in Routine Orders dated 2 March 1967.

Ernie Hall

Assistant Chief Constable of Surrey

Left to Right Sergeants: Pink, House, Paterson, Searle, Scott, Young, Andrews

L to R: Sergeants: Pink, House,
Paterson, Searle, Scott, Young,

Helicopter expreriment

Author: The observers undertook a two day course with the Army Air Corps at Netheravon in Wiltshire and were advised to take a woollen pullover and a suit for wearing in the mess where they would stay – appropriate to their rank! Left to Right Sergeants: Pink, House, Paterson, Searle, Scott, Young, Andrews

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