Murder of Louis Raggett 1989

1989, 23 September: Murder: A business man returning to his house in Ash was attacked receiving multiple stab wounds from which he died. The murder attracted a great deal of national publicity with the deceased being labelled a "Rackman type landlord".289

Alan Fletcher: murder Ash Chester Close behind the Chester Arms where the Raggett family lived behind high walls and big gates.

Derek Cordery: The Raggett family had businesses in Aldershot and owned a lot of properties in the same town. It was believed to have been a contract killing of Louis (Lou) Raggett.

The scenario as I understand it was they had returned from a night in Aldershot, Mary had left the car to open the house doors while Lou opened the large gates to drive the car into the drive. A motorcycle appeared with two people on board one of whom stabbed Lou.

Mary was held in custody for a while whilst lots of enquiries took place. It is still an unsolved murder.

Jeff Deacon: I don't have much to add other than I was a new probationer having joined in 1987 and lived in the police house about two hundred yards or so from the murder scene and was at home on the night. I was posted at the Ash office for my probation.

It was believed that the offenders left the motorcycle behind the police houses in a garage area and walked to the scene where they attacked the victim with baseball bats and knives. The Raggetts had two large dogs which were locked in the house on the night; the enquiry focused on Mrs Raggett.

Steve Symes travelled with a conscious Raggett (who complained of it hurting) to the Cambridge Military Hospital where he died.

John Milner: Murder behind Chester Arms, Ash - the SIO was Len Withall - the wife was charged but acquitted on trial at the Old Bailey.

Ray Taylor: I was a Detective Sergeant Field Intelligence at Surrey Crime Bureau and was partnered with DC John Cook, together we covered west Surrey (Guildford, Godalming, Farnham, Woking and Camberley) and our role was to develop intelligence for the Burglary Squad and Regional Crime Squad on the more serious villains, either living in the county or committing crime in the county.

As with any major enquiry we would always contact the SIO to offer our services in the enquiry. Detective Chief Inspector Len Withall was the SIO and we duly presented ourselves to him. He explained that Lou Ragget had been stabbed after coming home with his wife from an evening out. He had got out of the car to open the gates to his bungalow and was attacked by two men in motor cycle gear and died of his injuries.

Lou Ragget owned a large number of properties in the Aldershot and surrounding areas. He had bought up properties and converted them to bedsits which he would then let out the majority of his income coming from housing benefit. It appeared that people were certainly concerned about Ragget, and in some cases, although no one would say openly, that you never defaulted on your rent or the boys would be round. I should imagine that he had made numerous enemies during his life.

Mrs Raggett was acquitted.

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289 Annual Report 1989.


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