The birth of the newly named force Surrey Police

Author: I was in the middle of the name change process: It was caught up in a project to do with corporate image in the early 1990s. A team of consultants had been brought in as was the fashion at the time and following their report a number of decisions had to be made.

A range of issues were considered including the issue of woolly pulleys and white shirts. The Chief Constable David Williams did not want the pullovers but did want the white shirts, which in the main the Force did not. A little gentle negotiating and the Chief Constable got his white shirts and the officers had the pullovers.

All the vehicles were to be liveried the same and time was spent considering a logo using the lion as its basis. This was in the end considered to be far too radical as it was built around a golden lion! (My fault that one.)

The name change came when the Chief Constable decided that Police is what we were, and was what we called ourselves and it was confusing to answer the phone "Surrey Police" and use the name of seemingly another organisation, Surrey Constabulary. The alternative view was that people had committed themselves to the Surrey Constabulary as an organisation with all its history and traditions and that in a period of significant change this concept and history would give people something to hang on to and the name should not be changed.

Surrey Police 1993


The first year of the Surrey Police

1993: early in the year: A man reported his wife missing from their home in Wrecclesham. A widespread search was undertaken and later that date a partly burnt body of a woman was found in Alice Holt Forest. This was the missing woman and at the post-mortem it was revealed that she had died from severe blows to the head. The scene of the crime was in the bedroom of her home and so the husband was arrested and eventually convicted at the Central Criminal Court.366

1993, March: A nine year old boy was walking to a jumble sale in Guildford when he was abducted and assaulted. A man was arrested in Durham and sentenced to six years in prison.367

1993, early: Addlestone Division: Three police officers were injured while arresting four burglars. One was beaten on the back of the head with an iron bar; a second had his ear bitten and the third a woman officer was punched in the face. All four were arrested and one received a four year sentence.368

1993, April: Following an armed robbery at Caterham the offenders were arrested but they were no longer in possession of the weapon. A newly trained weapons retrieval dog found the weapon and the stolen property. During the year the weapons dogs carried out twelve more searches finding three weapons. Drugs search dogs had eighty five positive finds.369

1993, June: A joint air support unit was formed involving Surrey and the Metropolitan Police from a southern operating base at Redhill.370

1993, June: A man was sent to prison for six years following conviction for a series of sexual offences against young boys who were in his care when he was a residential social worker.371

1993, July: The naked body of a man was discovered on waste ground at a refuse site in Merstham. The body was identified as a 37 year old who had been reported missing from Upper Norwood. After initial enquiries by Surrey the enquiry was passed to the Metropolitan Police.372

1993, July: Addlestone: A fire in a block of flats led to a large scale evacuation, with great difficulty above the level of the flat on fire. No one was injured but several officers were commended for their response.373

1993, July: A care counsellor employed by the YMCA was stabbed to death on a welfare visit. A woman was charged in connection with the death.374

1993, September: The Force had many notable successes when dealing with New Age Travellers, fox hunting, gypsies, biker gangs and rave parties. At the beginning of the summer Dorking Police were informed that a party for some 25,000 people was being planned but through good intelligence and policing the party was disrupted although a small event did take place in September.375

1993: Autumn flooding.

1993: Drug Squad: Egham in a joint operation with Customs resulted in the arrest of four people in possession of 550kg of cannabis with a street value of more than £2 million.

1993, October: Ram raids: Generally committed by criminals in high powered stolen cars with drivers often prepared to drive dangerously at high speed to avoid arrest. A joint operation was established with Thames Valley Police. Intelligence and surveillance led to two teams of criminals and by October they had been arrested and there was a considerable reduction in this type of offence.

1993: Arson: A packaging firm at Wrecclesham was subject of an arson attack and £100,000 worth of stock destroyed. A further arson occurred at Cranleigh when a barn and agricultural equipment was destroyed. Two boys went to a farm at Bramshot Chase set a fire and 2000 bales of straw were destroyed. There was also a barn fire at Brook when about £50,000 worth of damage was caused. Two boys admitted starting the fire accidentally!376

1993: A man saw two men run from a building society. He followed them and took the number of their vehicle and they were arrested for robbery.377

1993: Police dog Tao undertaking a search of premise in South London on behalf of the Surrey Drug Squad uncovered £250,000 of drug money.

1993, October: A woman was attacked on the M25 at Egham and was robbed of her jewellery and car.378

1993, October: Shooting Green Lane Camp at Outwood on the Caterham Division when a man received injuries to his face and an arm. Two men were arrested and one was charged with attempted murder the other with affray. Both were also charged with having no licence for a shotgun.

1993, October: A car belonging to a missing person was found abandoned on Hankley Common a large area of heath land. A search using fifty officers and dogs was arranged however; within five minutes of the helicopter's arrival the body of the missing person was found.379

1993, November: 25,000 people attended Brockham bonfire but the event was peaceful with only a few minor incidents mainly caused by young drunks.

1993, December: Shortly before Christmas during a period of IRA activity on the mainland, the team were deployed to Brookwood Railway Station following a coded call from the IRA. A search was undertaken under the direction of Inspector Clive Barham and Peter Griffiths. Two devices were found and destroyed by the Army. Both devices were viable and capable of causing considerable injury and damage. The subsequent enquiry was led by Detective Superintendent John Stewardson.380

1993, December: A22 Blindley Heath a tanker fully laden with petrol left the road when the driver tried to avoid an accident with another vehicle. The tanker had to have its load transhipped which was difficult via the valves as they were on the side of the vehicle which was inaccessible because of the accident. The load had therefore to be pumped off from the top of the tanker. This all caused considerable delay and was not without danger.381

1993: The Operational Search team undertook fewer searches due to the reduction in military events. However searches were undertaken of venues for Royal and VIP visits, military band concerts.

1993: Second World War bomb discovered at Walton.

1993: Firearms Support Team deployed on thirty six occasions during the year.382


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