1980s: Stan Wood: Development of Explosive Search Dogs: I remember of course the Bombing of the Grand Hotel and sending dogs down to Brighton. As secretary of the Training Sub Committee we did a lot of work. It was decided that Chief Inspector Brian Eland, West Mercia and Harry Edwards, RUC were to be given the job of tightening up the training of explosive dogs. It was their ideas that formed the licensing and future training of the dogs and the training of the instructors. This was just before I retired and I never saw it working.

1981, 19 April 0015: Boxhill Road, Tadworth: A neighbour called to say she could hear suspicious noise from a flat above. PC Mervyn Mann and WPC Small attended and forced an entry finding a man and woman lying on their side in the hallway overcome by fumes from the central heating system. The flat was searched with the neighbour and two children both semiconscious were taken from the house. All four occupants were removed to Miss Moore's flat downstairs where they were looked after until the ambulance arrived. Miss Moore and the two officers received commendations from the Royal Humane Society.55

1981, between January 1979 and April: A series of burglaries, indecent assaults and rapes took place in and around Oxted where women, some very elderly were subjected to physical abuse. A team of police officers were tasked with investigating these crimes and following the discovery at the scene of a crime a home machine made knitted cardigan, all owners of such machines in the area were interviewed and the maker of the cardigan traced.

A suspect was traced and arrested and interviewed by Detective Constable Grey admitting over time a number of offences. DC Gray was showing signs of the serious illness that was to cause his death but nonetheless he helped his colleague complete the case against the man who was sentenced to a lengthy term of imprisonment. The Chief Constable Highly Commended posthumously, Detective Constable Grey (author: spelt both Grey and Gray). In addition a further twenty officers and a civilian typist were commended for their efforts.56

Malcolm Sutton and the future team leader in open country

1981, April 30: Surrey firearms team and Sussex combine in an open country search near at Newchapel near the Mormon Temple after an armed man made off from police. ... more

Special Crime Patrol Unit John Lane: I served two terms on the Surrey Constabulary and Surrey Police Special Crime Patrol Unit and my first tour was ... more

1981: Surrey Constabulary support to police in Liverpool following the Toxteth riots: Chris Farmer: Another of my "battle honours", but one that sadly only provides ... more

1981: Geoff Todd: By 1981 I was serving in Thames valley Police. I seem to remember parties of Surrey officers used to call at our HQ in Kidlington where my communications department officers issued radios to those venturing north. I had many a cup of tea with former Surrey colleagues here. Peter Imbert (former DCC Surrey) was our Chief Constable at the time.

1981, 15 July: The Times: The army demonstrated an all British water canon to police chiefs yesterday amid some secrecy at a military research establishment at Chobham. Surrey Police officers also examined a Humber "pig" armoured troop carrier as they tried to identify their future requirements in the event of a second wave of rioting.

1981, 6 September: Traffic wardens are rationed to ten tickets a day as Surrey Police cannot afford to deal with all the paper work that follows. Some 34,675 parking tickets have been issued in the last twelve months.

1981, 18 September: The Times: Police are searching for a missing journalist who disappeared five days ago after going to collect his daughter form a riding school. Twenty four hours later his car was found near the Fort Tea Rooms on Box Hill. For forty eight hours with the aid of a helicopter and dogs the police searched the countryside around Box Hill and divers checked the River Mole.

1981, 20 September: Police were called to a house in Cranleigh where a man had doused himself in petrol and threatened to kill himself. Sergeant Spinney managed to encourage the man away from the house and rushed him thereby preventing him from setting fire to himself. The officer was awarded by the Royal Humane Society.

1981, 29 September: A man subject of a county court order to stay away from his home broke in when it was unoccupied and armed himself with a large carving knife threatening to kill himself. A number of officers attended including Chief Inspector Casey and Inspector Harland who kept the man talking for four hours before they were finally able to rush him and disarm him. The Chief Constable Highly Commended both for Courage of a High Order.57

1982, 19 January: Police attended an incident on a bridge over the M25 at Chertsey where a young woman was threatening to jump. The girl jumped as the officers were speaking with her and she was grabbed by one of the officers who in turn was restrained by another as he was in danger of falling. The girl was brought to safety.58

1982, 19 January: Traffic officers Sergeant Anthony Suter and PC Roger Grimble were sent to a bridge over the M3 at Chertsey where a young woman was threatening to jump. As she started to jump PC Grimble grabbed her and was nearly dragged off but was held by PS Suter who also managed to take hold of the woman. Both officers received Royal Humane Society Awards.59

1982: Between November 1982 and May 1983 Operation Gander to investigate serious sexual offences in the county: ... more

1982: Crimes of violence increased 28% over preceding year.61

1982: Eleven officers working with Detective Chief Inspector Edward (Ted) Sellars were Highly Commended by the Chief Constable for teamwork and detective ability when engaged in an enquiry into a series of rapes, indecent assaults and Actual Bodily Harm over a period of fifteen years across the south east the final offence in Camberley.

PC Ball and T/Detective Constable Clark interviewed a man during routine house to house enquiries. They were unhappy with both his attitude and his explanations and he strongly resembled one of the photo fit impressions. Following further enquiries the man was arrested and later admitted six rapes, three attempted rapes, three indecent assaults and eight cases of Actual Bodily Harm. He received four sentences of life imprisonment.62

1982: Highly Commended by the Chief Constable: Patrols were concentrating on a series of night time burglaries and rape when PC Nigel McGoldrick and PC Martin Day stopped a man and attempted to arrest him. The man made off and was chased for some distance by the officers who at one time were threatened by the man saying he had a gun in the plastic bag he pointed at them. In fact it was a wheel brace and as the officers closed with the man PC McGoldrick was struck by the wheel brace and both men fell off a garage roof sustaining injuries.63

1982: Highly Commended by the Chief Constable: PC Michael Yates for courage and devotion to duty following a domestic incident where a man threatened to shoot his wife with a gun. PC Yates attended and quickly disarmed and arrested the man.64

1982 Drug Squad: Following a death in Reigate involving the abuse of heroin the Squad received information about the supplier and a search was undertaken of a house with the assistance of two drugs search dogs. Cannabis resin was found in a dog food tin and a quantity of heroin from a hub cap on one of five vehicles parked in the garden. Six people were arrested and charged including with importation of heroin from Amsterdam. The female ringleader received four and half years in prison.65

1982: Highly Commended by the Chief Constable: PC Richard Hunt and PC Raymond Thomas who were on patrol when they saw a man run away from a shop that was on fire. They entered the premises and roused the occupants and escorted them to safety. Their description of the man led to his conviction for arson and attempted murder.66

1982, 5 January 1115: an armed robbery took place at a large house in Hindhead. A thirteen year old son of the occupier was alone in the house when five men got out of a van wearing woollen masks and one carrying a sawn off shotgun. They knocked on the door and when the boy opened it they pointed the weapon at him and forced him upstairs where he was bound.

A thorough search was made of the house and £200,000 worth of property stolen. As this was going on another son returned to the house and was beaten about the legs with a truncheon before the men left and the alarm raised.

Following a joint operation between the Regional Crime Squad and the Special Crime Patrol Unit a number of men were arrested and the property recovered. A shotgun masks and further property was recovered from Barkingside. The men were charged.67

1982, 16 July: The Special Crime Patrol Unit, Regional Crime Squad, and Metropolitan Police made enquiries following an armed robbery where £200,000 was stolen from Hindhead. This resulted in sixteen arrests nine of which were charged with conspiracy to rob, robbery, unlawful possession of firearms, handling, criminal deception and theft.68

1982, 12 February: A man called at the home of an elderly couple in Guildford posing as an employee of the local authority. He convinced the couple that if they paid him £145 deposit work would be undertaken around the house. Similar offences had occurred elsewhere in the country and a man was identified from the description and arrested in Shrewsbury and dealt with.69

1982, 15 February: The Firearms Support Team was called to assist officers at Weybridge who had been threatened police officers with a gun. Several hours later the team located the man surrounded and persuade to surrender. He was sentenced to four years in prison.70

1982, 6 March: At 0100 a message came from Sussex which resulted in police at Milford attempting to stop to a vehicle. The vehicle drove straight at the officers and damaged their vehicle. A similar incident occurred further up the A3 near the Cathedral but the suspects drove on towards London. The vehicle was pursued through central London eventually being stopped in Camden High Street when two people were arrested.71

1982, 8 March: Regional Crime Squad: A man from New Maldon thought to be involved in robberies, fraud and burglaries in the Home Counties was made a target of the Walton office. This resulted in eighteen arrests of which nine were charged with thirty five offences.72

1982, 15 March: The Times: The body of a Hell's Angel was found by a crashed motor-cycle at Virginia Water. The owner's identity was traced trough a circulation and was identified by Thames Valley Police. The deceased had fifty four convictions for burglary.

1982, Sunday 16 March: The Guildford Campaign against Fascism held a march in Guildford town centre to which 200 police were deployed and about 250 demonstrators took part. Three people were arrested and were charged and convicted.73

1982, 1 April: Robbery: A man went to check a house in Dormansland where he was key-holder after being told of intruders. He was hit over the head with an iron bar, kicked and tied up by the four intruders. In a joint search with Kent officers those responsible were arrested and sentenced to imprisonment.74

1982, 20 April: At 0055 a petrol bomb was thrown through the window of an African student at Surrey University but little damage was caused.75 (may connect with 29 April below.)

1982, 22 April: Robbery:76 The cashiers at a Barclays Bank in Guildford were threatened by a man who said he had a gun in his pocket. Assistance was summoned and a video taken of the robber who ran off. Later that day he went to the Midland bank in Guildford and made a threatening gesture and told the cashier it was a hold-up. The assistant sounded the alarm but when no help arrived handed over £600 in used notes. The offender was later identified and charged.

1982, 25 April: Ranmore Common: Aggravated Burglary: The offender rode a motor cycle to an isolated property with a single shot 9 mm rifle. He entered the house through an unlocked door and stole three handbags which he took from the house and hid nearby. He then returned to the house where there was a 39 year old woman having put on a green camouflage jacket and balaclava.

While walking upstairs he disturbed two boxer dogs and hid in the dining room where he was challenged by the lady. He threatened her with the gun and said he would shoot the dogs. The woman seized the gun and it fired a bullet into the ceiling and the gun disintegrated as the bullet was home made. The woman received a hand injury. The offender recovered the handbags and rode off. The man was traced and sentenced to five years.77

1982, 28 April: Cranleigh: Conspiracy to Rob: Two PCs went to check a van when the driver sprayed a chemical into the face of one of the officers and made off. The vehicle contained five men all dressed in blue boiler suits and had been parked in a wooded area close to the road. Seen nearby was a red three ton lorry that also drove off.

Following a chase the van was abandoned about two miles from the scene containing a chain saw, pick-axe, part of a nylon stocking, wire cutters and a gas aerosol. There was a further stolen vehicle with the van.

The red box van was found abandoned on a caravan site at Farley Green about four miles from the scene. All the vehicles were hired using stolen driving licenses and stolen cheque book which was later used at a restaurant near Horsham where the men spoke in a foreign language. One man was later arrested and charged.78

1982, 29 April: A petrol bomb was thrown through the window of a coloured student's accommodation at Surrey University. On the 1 May a petrol bomb attack was made on a Guildford sub-post office occupied by an Asian family. A number of local "skinheads" were arrested and charged with attempted murder. The main offender was 19 years of age and said he was a national Socialist and that the attacks were directed against "blacks" He was sentenced to five years in prison. Many of those arrested were in possession of literature from the British Movement.79 The Annual Report also gives the date as 1 May at 0140.

1982, 14 May: Guildford Town centre: A serious disturbance involving a large group of youths who set upon two girls. Nine people were arrested of which three were charged with public order offence.80

1982, Saturday 15 May: A demonstration march took place in Guildford organised by Campaign against Fascism and Racialism. There were a number of incidents that resulted in youths being arrested and charged.81

1982, 25 May: Information was received that a man living in Putney was responsible for high value burglaries in a number of areas including Surrey. The Regional Crime Squad made him a target and he was arrested with four others all of whom were good class burglars or receivers. All five were charged with eleven offences and £370,000 of property was recovered. They were sent for trial.82

1982, 28 May: 128 police officers were on security duty from Gatwick to the Metropolitan Police District for the visit of the Pope.83

1982, 1 June: A prisoner escaped from an outside working party from Coldingly prison. The contingency plan was implemented and the prisoner arrested within the cordon.84

1982, 5 June: A man gained entry to a flat in Camberley, ate some food then took a knife from a drawer and entered the bedroom of a fifteen year old girl threatened and raped her. A photo fit was drawn up and a good description obtained. The following night police were keeping observation in the area a man was checked. He said he had a gun and hit the officer; a chase followed and the man was caught and the gun was found to be a wheel wrench. After a further struggle with the constable he was arrested and at the Central Criminal Court was sentenced to seven years.85

1982, 27 June: A Microlite aircraft crashed on farmland at Buckland killing the pilot – a wing broke off at several hundred feet.86

1982, 27 June: A twenty seven year old, railway worker Stephen Whitehouse from Horsell, Woking was sentenced to life imprisonment having been convicted of five rapes, two attempted rapes and thirteen similar offences to be taken into consideration. It follows an investigation by Surrey detectives based at Camberley of a series of serious sexual assaults across the South of England. Eleven Surrey detectives were highly commended by the Chief Constable as a result of the arrest and conviction.

1982, 17 July: A light helicopter crashed at Grafham killing the pilot and his seventeen year old son. The helicopter was home made from a construction kit and crashed two hundred yards from take off when the tail fell off.87

1982, 22 July 0800: Murder: The body of a man was found in a wooded area in Jacobs Well by a member of the public. The man had last been seen alive at 1730 the previous day and the cause of death was a fractured skull and cerebral contusion. The suspect had left for a holiday in France and on his return he was arrested at Heathrow and charged with murder but was found guilty of manslaughter.88

1982, 29 July: Police were called to the railway line at St Johns Woking where a ten year old who had been throwing apples at trains fell on the live rail and died.89

1982, 2 August: The Firearms Support Team was deployed to Milford railway Station following threats by a man to kill a woman with a shotgun. The man was arrested.90

1982, 22 August: A large scale disturbance outside a public house in Egham resulted in eighteen arrests. Severe damage was caused to the Victoria and nine people were charged and found guilty of public order offences.91

1982, 28 August: Armed Robbery: Outside Woolworths in Redhill security guards from Securicor were challenged by two men as they were about to leave the store. The money was handed over and the offenders pursued from the store by members of the public as one of the robbers fired a handgun. The robbers made off in a stolen vehicle recovered a half mile from the scene and it is believed a further vehicle was then used. £7000 cash was stolen.92

1982, 6 September: Police along with the Firearms Support Team attended a domestic in Farncombe where a man had threatened his wife with a shotgun. Shortly after 0700 a senior officer and the Firearms Support Team gained entry to the house and took the man into custody.93

1982, 23 September: Seaplane a single seat Supermarine crashed into a lake at Thorpe water park at Egham following an engine failure. The pilot suffered minor injuries.94

1982, 23 September: Armed Robbery: A man was seen entering a club in Guildford and the alarm was activated. Police attended and challenged the man who threatened the officers with a gun and made off. A search began by members of the Firearms Support Team and the Metropolitan Police helicopter.

There were a number of sightings but he made his escape by ordering a motorist at gunpoint to drive him to Burpham. He then ordered the driver of a lorry to drive him to Send. The man was seen in the early hours of the following day back in Guildford and arrested by two members of the Firearms Support Team. The offender was charged with kidnapping and firearms offences and was bailed!95

1982, 19 October: Armed Robbery: National Westminster Bank Redhill and though to connect with the robbery at Woolworths on the 28 August. The robbers waited inside the bank for the security guards and the money was snatched. A struggle followed and a gun was produced and a guard struck before the offender ran off. A second man produced a handgun and threatened the other Securicor guard. Both men ran through the pedestrian area with the cash bag then made off in a stolen car abandoned nearby having stolen £25,000. No one was arrested.96

1982, September and October: Drug Squad, Special Crime Patrol Unit and HM Customs and Excise kept observation on a house in Normandy where it was suspected that LSD was being manufactured. Search warrants were executed at Normandy and in the Metropolitan Police District.

In Normandy 75,000 doses of LSD with all the necessary manufacturing equipment was found. A further 4,000 doses were recovered in the address in the Metropolitan Police District. The total street value of the LSD recovered was about £260,000. More LSD was recovered in Amsterdam. Arrests were made and one person was connected to illegal importation of cocaine from Brazil. Three people were committed to the Central Criminal Court.97

1982, 11 October: PC Cork attended a Road Traffic Accident at Albury where the driver was trapped in a burning vehicle. With the assistance of the members of the public a rescue was made and the driver removed to hospital where she recovered. PC Cook and two members of the public were awarded a certificate of the Society for the Protection of Life from Fire.98

1982, 1 November: Offences of Indecency: A series of indecency offences have taken place on the borders of Surrey and Metropolitan Police District, and at Ash Vale and Leatherhead. The offender said he had a knife and forced women to commit acts of indecency. A joint operation was mounted and an incident room established at Addlestone. The last attack took place on the 12 December at Leatherhead.99

1982: Operation Gander: Robert Taylor: Between Nov 82 and May 83. I was involved as joint office manager in the incident with a DS from the Metropolitan Police the ... more

1982, 13 November 0750: Armed Robbery: Two men entered Tilford Stores armed with a sawn off shot gun and threatened the owner as he opened up threatening him to force him to open the safe. When he refused the men drove off in a car stolen from Aldershot. After a chase through Surrey and Hampshire the vehicle was stopped in Aldershot and one man was arrested with two more later. One was charged with attempted murder and another with conspiracy to rob.101

1982, 25 November: A woman was abducted from outside Staines Station and taken to Englefield Green where she was raped having been detained in the car for four hours. A man was arrested.102

1982, 28 November: Police attended a disturbance at the Agincourt Club in Camberley arresting eleven people who were all charged with public order offences.103

1982, 3 December Armed Robbery: A Securicor guard left Fine Fare in Woking with the days takings of £14,450 in a cash bag. He was threatened by a man with a sawn off shotgun. The guard dropped the bag which was picked up by the robber who ran off and was joined by another man and they both drove off. No arrests have been made.104

1982, 8 December 12 noon: Armed Robbery: A Security Express van stopped outside a bank in Lightwater. A coin delivery was made and as the guard entered the van he was confronted by a man with a sawn off shotgun. The guard immediately tackled him and both fell into the road. The driver started to go to the bank to summon assistance when he was confronted by a second robber also armed with a shot gun. The struggling guard was then threatened and he released the first robber and both offenders ran off to their car where they fired a warning shot in the air. No one was arrested.105

1982: Surrey deploy Police Support Unit (PSU) to Greenham Common to support Thames Valley Police when cruise missiles were delivered. ... more

1982: The Victoria Wine Trial Operation Accentor:106

On the 20 February 1984 the trial of six men accused of conspiracy to commit burglaries throughout the county at Victoria ... more

1983: PC Robert Morton was commended by the Chief Constable for his courage and persistence when having been stabbed in the back four times whilst conveying a prisoner he was able to stop the vehicle and summon assistance. At the conclusion of the case where a man was prosecuted for unlawful wounding and other charges the Crown Court Judge Rubin also commended PC Morton.107

1983: PC Mervyn Young was sent to a house in Guildford to a violent domestic to be confronted by a drunken man with a pick axe handle. The officer was struck and injured on the arm but grapples with the offender who was trying to reach some carving knives. The officer summoned assistance and help arrived; it took several officers to subdue the man who was convicted of attempted wounding, ABH, and theft receiving a period of community service.108

1983: The Special Crime Patrol Unit arrested 158 people for offences including robbery, burglary, theft, deception, handling and conspiracy to defraud; 60% of those arrested came from the Metropolitan Police District.

1983, January: A laboratory at Worplesdon was broken into and two foxes released from cages. Slogans were painted on various buildings and responsibility claimed by an animal rights group.109

1983, 28 February: Redhill: An armed robbery in St John's Road when two GPO employees were approached by three men one armed with a sawn off shotgun. The postmen were forced into their van tied up and hooded and the vehicle driven to Nutfield where the contents of the van were transferred to another vehicle. A stolen vehicle was abandoned at Merstham and following a major investigation four men were arrested and charged.110

Police escort the march in Guildford

1983, 26 March: British Nationalist and Socialist Movement marched in Guildford. At the same time a counter demonstration by students was held in the town centre. There was no disorder.111

1983, 25 and 16 March: A shop in Godalming was burgled stealing the entire stock of records and music cassettes valued in excess of £20,000. Two men were arrested the following night when they returned to steal the record covers and cassette cases.112

1983, 13 April: Two men posing as water board officials gained entry to the home in Woking of a 76 year old man. When one pretended to check the water supply the other stole £2300 in cash.113

1983, 8 May: A robbery occurred at a petrol station in Haslemere. Two men entered the shop area and struck the lone attendant around the head with a hammer causing serious injury. The phone was smashed and the till containing £1000 in cash and cheques stolen. Two men were arrested and charged.114

Robert Taylor: Armed robbery at a petrol station in Haslemere when two men entered the station and beat the attendant with a hammer and made off with the till. I attended the scene as OIC and a short time later the till was found abandoned on waste ground. Scenes of Crime Officer recovered the till and also some black plastic bin bags nearby, As a result of enquiries and information two men from the Farnham area one Nigel Kingshott were arrested they denied the offence but with good work by Scenes of Crime Officers and the forensic laboratory on fibres and fingerprints on the bin bags they were charged and convicted after trial getting lengthy prison sentences.115

1983, May to June: A number of distraction burglaries involving old people in their homes became the target of the Special Crime Patrol Unit. A suspect was stopped by uniform officers abut as there was no evidence he was allowed to go. The man was put under surveillance for three days before he was caught in the act.116

1983, May to July: Three robberies took place at Woldingham, Warlingham and Camberley when entry was made at night to a house occupied by elderly people. The victims were woken up and threatened and property stolen. An operation was mounted by the Surrey Criminal Intelligence Unit and the Regional Crime Squad leading to three arrests in October 1983. The men admitted seven robberies but not the three in question!117

1983, July: Regional Crime Squad: A London firm hired vehicle to criminals to use in crime including robberies, kidnapping, burglary and theft. Enquiries with the firm usually ended with a stolen driving licence being proffered when the vehicle was hired. Working with Metropolitan Police C11 many enquiries were undertaken leading to the arrest of thirteen people followed by a prosecution.118

1983, 20 July: A robbery occurred outside a bank in Egham where a security guard was approached by a man who he thought had a gun and £2500 in notes stolen.119

1983, 6 August: The Times: Four Surrey police constables have been suspended following an allegation of theft. Two are based at Godalming and two more are now serving in other forces.

983, 19 August: The Times: A motorist being chased by five police cars and four motorcycles was killed instantly after a stolen Volvo was crushed by a train on an automatic level crossing at Gomshall.

1983, 31 August: The Firearms Support Team were called to a house in Woking where a man had shot his fifteen year old daughter and attempted to kill his wife and another child. After a four hour siege the team made an entry and found the offender having committed suicide.120

1983, 1 September: The Times: A four hour armed siege ended yesterday when a man killed himself after shooting and critically wounding his fifteen year old daughter in a maisonette in Priors Croft, off the High Street in Old Woking. Twelve marksmen from Surreys' Firearms Support Team took up strategic positions as senior officers tried to make contact with Mr Frost with a loud hailer. There was no response and after a loud bang, police entered and found Frost lying dead.

1983, 5 September: Armed robbery outside a bank in New Haw involving a Security express vehicle. As the security guard was making his way to his vehicle carrying £25,000 he was confronted by a man with a shotgun. A second man with a revolver approached and the guard dropped the cash which was picked up by a third man. The offenders ran off and were not traced.121

1983, 18 November: the Firearms Support Team were deployed to Goldsworth Park in Woking to a house where a man was threatening to commit suicide with a shotgun. Following a twenty eight hour siege the man laid down the shotgun and walked from the premises and was arrested by the Firearms Support Team.122

1983, 2-9 December: The Firearms Support Team was deployed to protect a foreign dignitary at his home in Surrey as the threat against him was very high requiring extra protection measures.123

1984, 18-19 January: A man wearing a stocking mask and armed with a six inch penknife entered the staff quarters of a large school by way of an insecure window. He awoke a female member of staff who screamed and as a result was punched in the face several times. An attempt was made to rape the woman. A man was arrested in Surbiton and charged.124

Robert Taylor: The matron at a private boy's school in Godalming was attacked by an intruder wearing a stocking mask and carrying a penknife after breaking into the premises. I attended as Officer in Case and enquiries established that a person fitting the offender's description had boarded a London bound train shortly following the offence. As a result of circulating the details the offender was arrested at Surbiton railway station. I travelled to Surbiton with DC Steve Pott and we brought the offender back to Godalming where he was interviewed and admitted the offence.125

1984, January 21: The Surrey Union Hunt met at Okewood Hill near Dorking where they were confronted by 120 demonstrators. One saboteur alleged he was deliberately struck by a car, and it was alleged the licensee of the local pub discharged a shotgun to clear his car park of saboteurs. No prosecutions resulted from these incidents.126

1984, January 28: Surrey Union Hunt met at Forest Green where 26 saboteurs repeatedly clashed with hunt followers. Allegations and counter allegations were made but no prosecution could be justified.127

1984, 15 March: An attack was made on Surrey University animal unit forcing entry. A dog was stolen and a security guard injured. Police attended and made 54 arrests.128

1984, March: Leatherhead: The home of a 69 year old man was entered by kicking the rear door and once in the premises forced the man to lie on his bed. The man was indecently assaulted and severely beaten around the head, arms and legs with a crowbar. A small amount of money was then removed from a wellington boot where it was hidden. A man was arrested and received a custodial sentence.129

1984, 12 April: At a sports and social club in Addlestone there was a serious disturbance involving two groups of youths resulting in eighteen arrests.130

1984, 17 April: PC Bernard Francis Warren aged 36 died in a road accident in Ottershaw on his way home from work.

Tony Forward: I had some investigative responsibility in the motorcycle accident in which PC Bernard Warren was killed. He was a traffic officer at Chertsey and was returning home on a motorcycle when he hit a car near Ottershaw and was killed. Although he was off duty Bernie was considered to be 'on duty' for the purposes of police insurance, etc. His widow, Sandra Warren, was a clerical officer with Surrey Constabulary - secretary to Maurice Jackman. She had a statue put on the corner of the back lawn of Mount Browne in his memory.

1984, April 26: Leatherhead: A public meeting addressed by Mr Yuri Mazur from the Soviet Embassy was disrupted by twenty youths, and police attended to restore order.131

1984, late Spring: Three armed robberies took place in Guildford against security guards delivering cash. A Crimewatch feature was undertaken by the BBC but the robberies were not detected.132

1984, 13 May: An animal rights demonstration took place at Camberley when a mock funeral procession with hearse and coffin were processed through the town. Four premises thought by demonstrators to be sites for animal experimentation were visited.133

1984, 27 May: An intruder was disturbed at a house and PC John Worgan responded with his police dog Luke and began a track. After some considerable distance the suspect was seen and after a warning Luke was sent after him and contained him by circling and barking. The suspect kicked Luke hard and made off but the dog recovered chased the suspect and stopped him. He was found in possession of property from the burglary.134

1984, 28 May: During the opening of the County Show at Guildford by Princess Ann a group of six animal rights campaigners invaded the main show ring to protest about the hunt being there. Two were arrested.135

1984, 4 June: PC 1314 Daniel Glover aged 26 died in a road accident on the on route to a call for urgent assistance from a colleague who was also his wife. PC Glover was the husband of a serving police officer, the daughter of Surrey officer Bob Cozens who became chief constable of West Mercia Police.

1984, June: Animal rights activists entered Thorpe Park, Chertsey and £11,000 worth of trout released into the lake.136

1984, 8 July: An open air discotheque took place on Desborough Island in the Thames at Walton and attended by about two hundred young people. The previous year this event deteriorated into violence and again this year there were disturbances but only one person arrested.137

1984, 13 July: PC Bagley and police dog Omar were called to an incident where a police officer had been assaulted trying to detain an offender who was breaking into a car. Omar tracked the suspect and after a substantial distance including crossing the A3 he was arrested and from property in his possession he was linked to thefts from over one hundred vehicles.138

1984, 13-15 July: Animal rights activists demonstrated by erecting a camp outside premises thought to be undertaking experiments on animals. There were no problems.139

1984, July 14: Animal rights activists demonstrated outside government laboratories at New Haw.140

1984, 14 July: Two families in Chertsey became involved in a large scale fight resulting in fourteen arrests.141

1984, 28 July: Send: A young man called at a cottage of an elderly lady and sought permission to search the back garden for a ball. The lad entered the house at some point and stole the lady's life savings from her wardrobe. This was one of a series of offences that at the time were undetected.142

1984, July: WPC Kareen Edminston awarded the Queens's Commendation for Brave Conduct for disarming a drunken man who was threatening to kill his wife and others with a firearm.

1984, 29 July: About fifty animal rights protesters demonstrated at Thorpe Park, Chertsey by forming a chain across the entrance to the theme park. Police attended and four people were arrested.143

1984, August: Murder: Keith Deadman Nichols: Glynis Coe murder at London Road railway station in Guildford. 1985 29 March: The Times: A man aged 24 was charged with the murder of Glenys Coe aged 27, betting shop manageress whose strangled body was found in the car park at Guildford railway station last August.

1984, 3 August: Police Support Unit deployment at East Surrey hospital for the visit of PM Margaret Thatcher because of threatened problems with trade union demonstrators. There was no significant disturbance.144

1984, 21 August: The wife of a Camberley restaurateur was found unconscious on the floor of their restaurant where she worked as a cahier and waitress. She had been severely beaten and stabbed in the neck.145

1984, 26 August: Sergeant Simmonds and police dog Magnum searched an area close to Earlswood Lakes for a missing ten year old boy. After searching dense woodland Magnum located the boy who had been viciously assaulted and would have died within two hours had he not been discovered. The boy recovered but was blinded in one eye.146

1984, September to November: The Firearms Support Team were engaged in the protection of a hospital patient thought to be vulnerable to further attack.147

1984, September: PC1415 Simon Lane awarded the Queens's Commendation for Brave Conduct when he tackled a gunman whilst off duty. Despite being sprayed with CS gas PC Lane managed to hold onto the offender until assistance arrived.

1984, 13 September: Armed Robbery: A man entered a jewellers shop in Dorking and attacked a member of staff who he threatened with a gun. He demanded jewellery from the display window. A struggle ensued involving an off duty police officer and a traffic warden during which a canister of CS gas was discharged by the criminal injuring all parties. A man was arrested and charged with a number of offences throughout the south east of England.148

1984, 15 September: Elmbridge branch of CND held a march and rally in Walton on Thames which involved three hundred people but it passed peacefully.149

1984, 29 September: A research company at Bagshot was entered and fourteen beagle dogs stolen. The raid was photographed and photos sent to the media.150

1984: Farnham: A cause for concern was the recent trend of animal rights activists were considered to be responsible for criminal damage to butcher's shops, banks, furriers, shoe shops, chemists and other premises. Quick setting glue has been put into door locks, windows broken or daubed with paint along with obscene graffiti.151

1984, July to October: Special Crime Patrol Unit: A surveillance operation on a team of burglars identified by intelligence. Three men using stolen cars were followed and arrested whilst committing a burglary. The operation continued on three more targets and was later arrested along with a number of receivers. Property valued at about £400,000 was recovered and forty two offences identified.152

1984, 11 October: The Times: The husband of Diana Dors was found dead with a shotgun by his side. Alan Lake's death is being treated as suicide in his home at Orchard Manor, Sunningdale.

1984, Autumn: Guildford: A murder enquiry followed the discovery of the body of a local betting shop manageress in a station car park. Over eighty officers were deployed on the enquiry. Not detected.153

1984, November: The Firearms Support Team was deployed on surveillance in anticipation of a terrorist attack.154

1984, 2 November: Two prisoners being transferred from Kent to the Isle of Wight were released when their van was attacked and forced off the road on Reigate Hill by men armed with pick axe handles and axes.155

1984, Tuesday 11 December: A serious multiple Road Traffic Accident (RTA) on the M25 close to the boundary with Kent; nine people were killed and ten injured.156 One of ... more

1984, December: Firearms Support Team was deployed guarding a number of high risk prisoners who had been involved in large scale armed robberies.157

1984, 26 December: Guildford: Thirty vociferous banner waving protesters at the Boxing Day Hunt meeting at the Civic Hall. Three were arrested for breach of the peace and obstructing police following the throwing of a dead fox at the Mayor of Guildford.

1984: Drug Squad:158 Dealt with fifty four people for offences involving the misuse of drugs. The Squad executed twenty three search warrants.

1984: Guildford: Murder enquiry following arson.

1984: A Division: Burglaries in houses where the offenders climbed into the property at night in Burwood Park, St George's Hills. Wentworth Estate and Sunningdale.159

1984: B Division: Considerable resources were expended dealing with problems caused by those living at gypsy sites Pendell Camp, Merstham and at Green Lane, Outwood. Criminal damage caused by missiles thrown from the camp, personal injury abandoned burnt out stolen vehicles. Rubbish is placed in the roads to slow traffic so they provide better targets for missiles.160

1984: Woking: A fight broke out at a discotheque between rival gangs of youths. The hall was closed and the youths went on the rampage through the town damaging vehicles, shops and signs. Many were found by police to be in possession of iron bars and poles. Order was eventually restored and ten people were arrested.161

1984: Hogg suspect for murder in Guildford.

1984: Murder of a child in Farnham.

1984: Murder suspect White at Farnham.

1984 about: Murder: Allan Hurlow: The body of seventy seven year old Mr Bullen was found in Burdenshott Road, near Jacobs Well, Guildford. Mr Bullen lived in ... more

1984: Support Unit deployments:

  • Hunts
  • Animal Rights demonstrations
  • Security during royal visits
  • Prime Minister opening East Surrey Hospital
  • Brighton to assist Sussex at TUC conference
  • A murder in Guildford – assist with house to house enquiries
  • Mutual aid to Kent for a dock strike – eight units in July
  • Several standby deployments for anticipated demonstrations or serious disturbance.

1984: Special Crime Patrol Unit: Arrested 115 people during the year. 73% of those arrested were resident with the Metropolitan Police District. A further 12% were from outside the county with only 15% being Surrey residents. Property recovered was valued at about £550,000.162

1984: Police and Criminal Evidence Act: This Act brought about the most far reaching changes to the way the modern Police Service goes about its daily duties. Previously, for instance, suspects were interviewed; charged and only when bailed or about to appear in court were they able to consult with a solicitor. The statutory right to have someone notified of your arrest was introduced although this had been done for some time previously.

Burglary Squad 1984

1984, December: Burglary Squad:

Rear left: Colin Ward, John Lane, Robert Taylor, John Meaney, John Baughan, Rupert Heritage, Mike Blencowe, George Burke, Adrian Russell, John Spence, Robert Miller, Albert Newman, Colin Burton, Gordon Parkes, Brian Lloyd, Robert Cooper, Mick Grew, Chris Myers, John Beavis, Len Rose, John Cobbett, Jenny Elliott.

1984: NUM Strike: From 9 March 1984 until 5 March 1985 an industrial dispute between the National Union of Mine Workers and the National Coal Board resulted in mass picketing of collieries and power stations ... more

1985, about: Mick Wayland: The Firearms Support Team were deployed to provide protection to the President of The Sudan who had foolishly come on a visit to Britain at the same time that the folks back home had decided that he should retire.

Information from the Metropolitan Police liaison officer was an armed group that had entered the country were to attack the large house where he and his entourage were staying in Sunningdale. This would be with automatic weapons or driving a booby trapped vehicle up to the house and detonating it.

Peter Moore contacted his friends in the military and obtained enough sand bags to build a protective bunker on all four corners of the house. Firearms Support Team officers provided twenty four hour protection from the bunkers and the Metropolitan Police were amazed at this deployment. A stinger was set across the drive to the house. As I recall, spotter Firearms Support Team officers were deployed in the ditches either side of the road leading to the driveway as advanced warning.

In the early hours of the morning soft footsteps were heard approaching the house up the road. The people and I can't recall who when challenged - probably had a minor heart attack and were taken into custody. They may have been potential burglars caught up in the operation by mistake.

As a gesture of his thanks His Excellency tried to reward the whole team with a box of money. Extended our thanks, declined and settled for an African wooden carved death head which as far as I know is still on the wall at the firearms team office?

A Life on the Dog Section Denis Turner: My interest in police dogs started in my youth, well before joining the job. Having served my apprenticeship at Addlestone, eventually ... more

Minister of Transport Linda Chalker opens  the new Motorway Control Room

1985: New Motorway Control Room opened by Linda Chalker Minister of Transport; with Brian Hayes and Ray Elliott.

1980s: Animal Rights protest: Demonstration and march to Brockham Park, Brockham the home of Beechams' Research Laboratory.

1985-1986: A large number of burglaries occurred on building sites in and around Ashtead. Local enquiries resulted in the arrest of three people and the recovery of stolen property in excess of £200,000. A total of 127 offences were detected. Three men were convicted.167

1985, 19 October: A young woman was raped in Ashtead which police linked to similar crimes in Wiltshire, Banstead and in Hyde Park. A man was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. The enquiry was linked using the Police National Computer.168

1985: During 1985 there were 77 disturbances at Busby's discotheque in Redhill resulting in 66 arrests after 36 members of the public and police required hospital treatment.169

1985: The final section of the M25 was opened.170

1985: The CPS is established: The Prosecution of Offences Act led to the establishment of the Crown Prosecution Service.171

1980s: Derek Cordery: Camberley attempted murder in a restaurant in the town opposite the Academy Vince McFadden was Officer in Case. ... more

1985, about: Murder in Reigate: (Detective Supt. Keith Portlock) Allan Hurlow: Around 1985 I and DC Sarah Endacott were an action team involved with the suspicious deaths of a South American nurse and her two children in Reigate. The husband had apparently left home and it transpired that the mother had injected something into the children and then set fire to the house, which killed her.

1985: Murder of Ellen Carol Kemp.

1985: Murder of Victoria Jenkins.

1985, about: Security van attacked in Reigate and roof taken off.

Tim Page: I remember a robbery on cash in transit vehicle at the end of the M23 at Hooley under the Shepherd Hill Bridge. I believe they had a low loader with an excavator on; stopped in the nearside lane of the two lane carriageway at this point. This they had as broken down.

As the van passed in lane two they blocked it alongside the excavator which then took the vans roof off. Due to the traffic all blocked on the M23 they made their escape onto the A23 and then up Star Lane at Hooley before dumping the vehicle and transferring to a second one. I was on an armed response vehicle at the time. I forget what happened next.

Dave Manhire: Happened on the A23 at Hooley near what is now the M23 which at that time was not built. A large amount of cash was stolen by a team using an angle grinder if I remember to cut a hole in the side or cut hole in roof. Offenders made off and were seen on the A217 at Reigate Hill near Burgh Heath with one being sick at the side of the road. Do not recall if any arrests.

1985, about: Prison van attacked at the top of Reigate Hill prisoner from the "Hole in the Wall" gang released. (Detective Superintendent Keith Portlock) Tony Forward: Keith Portlock was giving a press conference in a garage with a number of vehicles in the background. The TV cameras were running.

Keith said that he was appealing for information about the whereabouts a particular car that had featured in the enquiry. "Do you mean that one?" said the news reporter as the camera swung onto the vehicle in the garage. Someone had omitted to tell Keith that the vehicle had been found and recovered! That was shown on 'It will be alright on the night' and other out-take TV programmes.

1985: Denis Turner: We were training dogs at Dunsfold one day, the village not the airfield, and we saw a BEA Hawk doing loop the loop, etc. However, we saw him do one loop which was down all the way - he didn't recover and we saw him crash.

We jumped in the vans and we were one of the first on the scene as we were so close. Several dog handlers but can only remember Les Jales. It transpired the pilot was the Chief Test Pilot, Jim Hawkins who had been practising for a special demo for some Arabs the following day. They think he passed out on the down loop with the G force and never recovered.

I remember the jet ploughed into the ground upside down and the pilot's torso was recovered but not his head and we were tasked to search for it. We never did so can only assume it just exploded with the aircraft.

The other thing I recall was that the crash of the jet, being a prototype, set back the development by many months and of course the planned demo the next was cancelled.

Richard Bond: BAE Hawk Dunsfold: As I understand it was the first and only prototype of the New Hawk 200 that was due to be displayed at Farnborough. The pilot was demonstrating it to prospective buyers in line with the runway. He went into a loop, pulled out too low and impacted a field. I later saw the hole in the ground and wreckage as it was being taken away.

Mark Clark: The Hawk at Dunsfold was in 1985 I seem to recall. It was being displayed to an African delegation and crashed about three hundred yards from the Three Compasses public house in a field next to Dunsfold Road at Lower Seven Acre Copse. I had the unpleasant job of taking a bag of the pilot's body parts from the scene to the mortuary when I was a temporary Sergeant at Burpham, using a patrol car.

1980s: Keith Deadman Nicholls: Murder of and elderly woman by her husband who was a retired vicar at Lyons Drive Guildford.

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