1986, 12 January: A serious disturbance at Worplesdon involving youths who had left a party. Police were attacked and a sergeant hit with a dog chain and a constable knocked unconscious. Six people were arrested and dealt with at court.172

1986, 21 January 0920: An armed robbery occurred at Byfleet when cash in transit vehicle was attacked by three armed men. They had shotgun, handgun and a wooden stave. They forced their way into the vehicle and stole £17,500 in postal orders and stamps. The driver was hit on the head. As the cash van was being driven away it was involved in an accident and abandoned. No arrests were made.173

1986, 24-25 February: Arson at a restaurant in Blindley Heath was destroyed at a cost of £340,000. No one was arrested.174

1986, 25 March: A group of Millwall football supporters arrived in Haslemere at 2130 and went to the Swan public house. A fight with locals followed and considerable damage caused to the pub. Two constables attended and arrested eight youths who were charged with affray.175

1986, 27 March: During a discotheque at Dormansland a serious disturbance took place resulting in eight arrests of youths from Edenbridge. A significant amount of baseball bats and other offensive weapons were recovered.176

1986, 17 April: Murder at Horsley of Maartje Tamboezer aged 15. Maartje was on a cycle ride. Following a search by friends and police first her cycle was found and ... more

1986: PSU Training and deployment: Tom Burrell: I recall around April/May 1986 going on PSU to TNT depot somewhere due to problems with ... more

1986, April: Following a serious fire in a prison in Sussex a number of prisoners were transferred to Send prison where a significant number of police were engaged for two days containing a very violent situation.179

1986, 20 April: A serious fire in a block of flats, caused by discarded cigarette, at Knaphill required police to attend and rescue seventy nine people.180

1986, 2 July: A Hawk aircraft took off from Dunsfold and after executing a number of manoeuvres it hit the ground, killing the pilot and breaking up the plane.181

1986, 18-19 September: Throughout the year the threat of disturbance at the TNT Depot at Byfleet where newspapers at the centre of a newspaper dispute were distributed. On occasions serious violence erupted. High numbers of police were involved as at times there were 400 demonstrators. Overnight of the 18/19th 150-200 demonstrators forced their way onto the Brooklands Industrial estate and attacked the TNT premises. Bricks, flares, paint and other objects were used to attack vehicles and the premises causing considerable damage before the demonstrators disappeared into the night. Eight people were arrested.182

National Front hold a march in Guildford 1986

1986, 27 September: National Front held a march of 150 supporters in Guildford although the organisers had thought many more would attend.

There was a counter demonstration and a large number of police deployed which prevented serious violence.183

1986, 22 November: Some forty hunt saboteurs attended a meeting of the Old Surrey and Burstow Foxhounds at Lingfield. One of the vehicles contained a number of wooden clubs and one man was arrested and charged.184

1986, November: A steer escaped from a farm in Normandy and became a danger to the public. Two Firearms Support Team instructors were deployed and destroyed the animal as it charged them.185

1986, November: The Firearms Support Team was deployed to Bagshot to a report of a man in possessing a shotgun acting unpredictably after a domestic dispute. Two children were in the house as members of the Firearms Support Team persuaded the man to open the door when he was quickly restrained and the shotgun recovered.186

1986, December: Drug Squad: Following a join Hampshire and Surrey operation a man was followed to an address in Addlestone where he was detained and found to be in possession of two kilos of cannabis. The owner of the house was detained and a further five kilos found as well as £7,000. The street value of the cannabis was in excess of £15,000. The cash was forfeited by the court.187

1986: Murder of Samuel Feiner.

cover of the the 1987 Annual Report

1987: There were seventy seven fatal road traffic accidents compared with 74 in 1986.188

1987: Accidents on the motorways involving large numbers of vehicles is becoming commonplace.189

1987, January: The A31 Hogs Back was closed for three hours due to fog and accidents involving 36 vehicles, and again three days later when heavy snow and high winds made it impassable with drifts up to twelve feet deep.190

1987, January: Regional Crime Squad officers kept surveillance on suspects involved in two burglaries and demanding money with menaces in Bisley. They were eventually arrested and charged.

1987: Saturday 10 January 1630: Firearms Support Team and Regional Crime Squad joint operation following intelligence indicating an armed ... more

1987: Crime increase Eastern Division: Crime was up 10.4% partly due to the opening of the final sections of the M25 and the use of the new road by criminals from out of the area some travelling substantial distances.

1987: Eastern Division: On eight occasions the division had to provide officers support to other divisions to assist with major crime enquiries. This left a skeleton detective staff. However, Caterham established a small team of constables who mounted thirty three operations arresting sixty people for criminal offences.192

1987, 20 January: A jewellers in Reigate was robbed by two men with an imitation firearm. The women assistants were pushed into the cellar where there hands and feet were tied and jewellery valued at £40,000 was stolen. The getaway vehicle was chased by police and the car stopped and the men made off in Dorking, allowing for the weapons and most of the jewellery to be recovered. Further work involving Sussex and Scotland Yard led to the identification, prosecution and imprisonment of the two men.193

1987, 21 January: A 12 year old girl pushing her bike through woods off Pyrford Common was attacked and raped. No arrest was made.194

1987, February: Caterham CID investigated allegations of sexual abuse by a father on his son. Legal history was made when at the old fashioned committal and at trial at the Old bailey screens were used to protect child witnesses.195

1987, 3 February: In the early hours an ambulance attended a caravan in Guildford where an elderly woman was reported to have fallen. The crew were taken and held hostage by a gunman with a loaded shotgun. The crew were able eventually to distract the man and overpower him handing him to the police. He was sentenced to imprisonment.196

1987, February: A raid was undertaken on a gypsy caravan site following a number of offences. The Firearms Support Team was close by. Stolen property including a shotgun was recovered.197

1987, 26 March: A WPC attended a house in Ottershaw where she found two offenders leaving through a window. She gave chase and arrested one even though he was armed with an axe. The second man was detained by the public and handed to police.198

1987, 27 March: A train travelling from East Grinstead hit a tree at 40 mph near Dormansland. A number of passengers were injured.199

1987, 2 April: PC Nigel Foster and police dog Bullit (sic) were tasked to search for a violent absconder. He was tracked to the base of a metal fire escape which he climbed followed by Bullit who detained him.200

1987, 7 April: A Cessna light aircraft bound for Biggin Hill crashed at Tatsfild killing both he pilot and passenger.201

1987, 10 April: A man went to a house in Byfleet following an argument, broke the door down brandishing a shotgun and firing at a man in the house. He was hit in the face, hands and chest. A man was arrested and sentenced to twelve years in prison.202

1987, 14 April Guildford: An armed robbery at a bank on the University of Surrey campus when cash in transit vehicle was attacked and £140,000 stolen. Shots were fired and the robbers escaped in a stolen car. This crime was not detected.203

Robert Taylor: An armed robbery occurred at Surrey University when a delivery was being made to the bank on the campus. Two armed men attacked the security guards and took £140,000 a third male driving a Renault picked them up and shots were fired at building workers nearby as they made their escape. The vehicle was later found abandoned a short distance away. Enquiries revealed that the Renault had been stolen some time previous at Crawley in Sussex from outside a garage. Despite extensive enquiries and a full reconstruction on Crimewatch the case remained undetected.204

1987, 18 April: Officers found a body in a pool of blood in a house in Horley. A man was arrested and later found guilty of manslaughter.205

1987, 22 April: PC Glen Winstone attended a burglary with police dog Ace who tracked suspects for some distance to a derelict house where they were detained.206

1987, May: Following a series of thefts of high powered cars a suspect was arrested which led to the detection of 170 offences and nine sent for trial.207

1987, May: A series of burglaries across the west of the county and in Hampshire took place when the masked criminal entered houses between 2 and 4 am and females were either assaulted in bed or the offender stood and watched them. A significant joint operation was established without success.

1987, 6 May: A suspect was followed by the Drug Squad from Guildford to Folkestone where he was detained in possession of a large quantity of amphetamine sulphate. Search warrants were executed and half a kilo of amphetamine was recovered along with £2,000 in cash. Four people were arrested.208

1987, 9 May: A fight occurred in the Downing Street Pub, Farnham when a man was stabbed and died. One man was charged with murder and two others with manslaughter.209

1987, 25 May: M25: A collision between a Datsun and a Renault van resulted in a passenger from the car being thrown onto the M25 and was struck by a Mini. The Datsun split in two and caught fire. A Ford Granada was struck by flying debris before colliding with both vehicles. There were four fatalities.210

1987, May: DC John Brake awarded the Queens's Commendation for Brave Conduct for his actions during an attempt to arrest three offenders. A vehicle was driven directly at the officer and although badly injured he managed to arrest them.

Frank Austin: John and I went to the High Street, Reigate following the report of shoplifters. We found the car parked and watched for their return and one suspect eventually ran from the castle grounds jumped into the car. We ran back, I went to the driver's side and John towards the passenger.

The car drove off and attempted to run John down but he jumped onto the bonnet and held onto the wipers whilst the car swerved from side to side at high speed trying to throw him off. I followed in the CID car and could only watch whilst the car deliberately rammed a parked car and John went flying through the air.

I didn't think John could have survived. I ran from my car and was amazed to see that John had beaten me to the offender. I dragged him out and threw him over the bonnet of the CID car where I had to forcibly restrain him causing damage to the police car bonnet and his face.

Members of the public started to interfere as they assumed it was just a fight caused over the accident. Once assistance arrived amazingly John only suffered bruising and lacerations to his hands caused by the wipers. The offenders I believe came from the Coulsdon area but I cannot remember the outcome.

Dick Crockford: John Brake is now in New Zealand. I went to the job and after John came off the bonnet he simply could not speak. He kept pointing at a woman and I thought that she was a witness. I spoke to her and she was reluctant to give details. I finally got them and it turned out later that she was the other half of the driver.

I interviewed the offender with Detective Sergeant John Miller. I think that he was charged with attempted murder from memory and as I recall I ended up at the Bailey with a plea for Actual Bodily Harm (ABH). He was a shoplifter who panicked. By the way it was named Operation 'Mascot' (my idea!).

1987, 1 June: M25: A tipper lorry using the hard shoulder during a contra flow hit the drainage ditch, lost control and went across the carriageway through the central barrier of cones into oncoming traffic. Six vehicles became involved and one driver was killed.211

1987, 4 June: Regional Crime Squad officers began surveillance on a suspect following intelligence reports of his involvement in night burglaries in rural areas. He was followed on the 4 June for 120 miles when he was seen to stop to look at a number of premises. On his return to the county at Ripley he broke into a garage and stole cash and cigarettes to the value of £700. He was arrested and at his premises further stolen property was recovered. He was sent to prison.212

1987, 12 June: A Slingsby light aircraft crashed in a field at Little Bookham killing both the pilot and passenger. The pilot lost control looping the loop.213

1987, 26 June: A disturbance at a party in Weybridge involving 300 youths who threw bottles and cans at the police as they ran amok around houses and gardens. Thirty officers attended and order was restored after two officers were injured and five youths arrested.214

1987, 14 August: A prostitute was found in a distressed state at Virginia Water. She said she had been abducted by three men in Paddington taken to Virginia Water and raped by three kidnappers.

Over the next few weeks three more women were abducted in London driven to the same area and subjected to multiple violent rape and other obscenities. Some of these incidents only came to light during police enquiries. On the 5th September a fifth woman was abducted and subjected to similar treatment this time at Dorking.

A lengthy enquiry followed and four men were arrested and found guilty at the Central criminal Court of thirty offences and sentenced to imprisonment ranging from nine to nineteen years.215

1987, 21 August: A light aircraft crashed into trees at Fairoaks but the pilot escaped injury.216

1987, August: Operation Puffin: Prostitutes from London raped and indecently assaulted in Camberley by Asian men.

1987, 3 September: Murder of Jennifer Gibbons at Pantiles Nightclub, Camberley.

1987, and later part of 1986: A number of high value cars stolen from Guildford and found in Farnham stripped of all unidentifiable parts. The Special Crime Patrol was deployed following intelligence and kept surveillance on a suspect. Following the execution of a search warrant fifteen people were arrested and property in excess £23,000 recovered.217

1987, 14 October: Staff in an hotel in the north of the county found the bodies of a male and female sprawled across the bed in a badly bloodstained room. Both had suffered horrific knife wounds. The man was murdered by the woman who then stabbed herself over one hundred times before she died.218

1980s: early Bill Bethell: In the early 80s the Special Crime Patrol Unit were involved in a Camberley murder investigation at Pennyhill Park Hotel. A doctor had been stabbed to death and a woman who was with him had killed herself.

She turned out to be the doctor's lover and I believe she wanted him to get divorced and marry her but he was not of the mind to do it. We traced the purchase of the knife to a hardware shop in Swindon where the sales person recognised the woman as the buyer of the death knife.

As an aside, Les Martin and I visited the factory in Sheffield where the knife had been made. The guy we saw up there gave me a pruning knife which is still as sharp as the day it was given to me and is still in use in the garden!

Mo Clarke: Two people were found dead in a hotel suite at Pennyhill Park Hotel in Bagshot both were in bed. Mid 1980s I think. At first it was thought to be a double murder. Blood everywhere, even over the ceiling. His head was almost severed at the neck. She had multiple stab wounds and bled to death.

Then it transpired that the murder weapon, a large kitchen knife found at the scene, was bought by the lady. The receipt was found in her hand bag. But that was after various people had been sent to the factory in Sheffield where the knife had been made, then tried to trace it via distributers, warehouses, etc. Lots of over time, you know the sort of thing!

It turned out to be a crime of passion. The couple, who were far from young, met regularly in the hotel for their trysts. But he had decided to end the affair but she decided to do the same by other means.

1987, 15 October: Hurricane strikes the south of England with massive damage to buildings and trees followed by numerous roads blocked. Hundreds of calls received ... more

1987, 21 October: Alan Hurlow: myself and Gary Parkin were part of the action teams involved with the murder of a man by his wife who lived off the Petworth Road, Witley ... more

1987, 20 October: Murder: Dr. Spencer Mount at Lightwater; Officer in Case Detective Chief Inspector McFadden and Detective Inspector Amos.

1987, November: A series of burglaries were analysed and a composite description developed of the suspect and his vehicle. The person was identified as a London based criminal and surveillance was mounted by the Special Crime Patrol and the man was arrested having committed offences at Farnham. He admitted these and other offences.220

1987, November: Following a serious incident in Essex where a man was shot in the back the number plate of the suspect's vehicle was recorded and the vehicle traced to Caterham where the Firearms Support Team entered the house and arrested him.221

1987, November: Drug Squad: Following a long term surveillance operation concerning the supply of heroin in Surrey Iranians, two men and a woman, were arrested in possession of one and a half kilograms of heroin with a street value of £150,000. The drugs were smuggled into the UK in three condoms inserted into the woman. They were imprisoned then deported.222

1987, 8 December: Murder in Merrow of a 79 year old man. Offender was arrested and charged.223

1987, 24 December: A disturbance at the Cricketers Pub in Wrecclesham involving 25 youths where two people sustained serious stab wounds.224

1987: Farnham: Murder R v Hughes, Hughes, and Wallis.

1987: Farnham: Murder R v Monica Hopwood.

1987: Guildford continues to suffer from drink related disorder despite special deployments. There is a growing tendency for outbreaks of violence to occur in outlying housing estates with groups of young people fighting.225

1987: Police Support Units were deployed within the county on twenty five occasions to a range of incidents.226

1987: A total of 1,185 prisoners were detained in police cells following industrial action by the Prison Officer's Association.227

1980s, late: Woking Police Station: Ann Carter: It is always sad to see the demise of an old nick and although it was obvious to all that the time had come to make way for ... more

1988: Mobile Support Department (MSD): Bob Bartlett: Chief Superintendent Eric Hughes and Danny McNulty as Superintendent T with Bob Heaton chief inspector who with grace provided some of his best officers as crew for the helicopter project. Danny retired and Shane Burrows took over from being chief inspector at Chertsey – Traffic became Mobile Support Department (or Music Singing and Dancing!) as there was a feeling amongst chief officers that Traffic should respond more to general calls and get involved in crime – many would argue the traditional role of Surrey Traffic.

I took over form Eric Hughes and like sub-divisions the chief superintendent was taken from the equation and MSD stood alone. MSD under Shane developed a technique for stopping those that did not want to. The driving school trained many other forces in this mobile containment requiring a very high standard of driving and nerve. The new system was called TPAC, Traffic Pursuit and Containment, which is explained below. Also developed was stinger which initially I have to admit I thought a crazy, unworkable idea – just as well I retired- and the ongoing enhancement and operation of Tracker.

1988 about: Mick Wayland: Movement of travellers from Inkerman Barracks, Woking. Some one hundred and fifty or more caravans whose occupants had taken up residence on the barrack site and the local authority with police to keep the peace were aiming to remove them and escort them out of Surrey with Traffic cars. We were all briefed not to have physical contact with the occupants if possible as there were a lot of cases of a very infectious type of lung disease amongst the travellers.

We assembled around the site at about 5 am and all was still and quiet. The first movement was a caravan door opening and a small pony being pushed out for its constitutional! Things got under way as the council representatives spoke with the apparent leader. He was an impressive blonde man, who despite being only some five feet three inches tall, the same wide, with arms bigger than my thighs.

We all stood prepared as he was required to leave first under considerable verbal protest. He walked to his close coupled caravan which was some twenty five feet long and located some three yards away from his up market Range Rover. We all thought that he would back his vehicle up for coupling but none of it. Grasping the caravan he lifted it up and single handed towed the caravan, load and occupants to his vehicle and attached it with ease. We all made a mental note that he would be one to avoid if at all possible.

1988: Public Order Training: One of the major problems with the Surrey public order training was the number of injuries suffered. This was partially caused by ... more

1988, 1 January: A single lady aged 29, returned home and went to bed. She heard a noise downstairs and went to investigate to be confronted by a man holding a commando style knife. He forced her back upstairs where he raped her. The man ordered the lady to get him a drink and as he did not follow her she escaped and police were called but he had gone. Later a man was arrested in Sussex and at the Central Criminal Court sentenced to twelve years.228

1988, 8 January: Police were called to a house in Milford where a young man was threatening to kill his parents. He was brandishing two knives and at one stage lunged at the officers who were trying to reason with him. He eventually tried to stab himself but was overpowered and arrested. One of the officers requires surgery on an injured Achilles tendon.229

1988, 18 January: A man entered a bank in Redhill claiming he had a bomb and demanded money. On escaping he left what was considered a possible device and a large area was cordoned off. The army used a controlled explosion and declared the area safe.230

1988, 26 January: Armed robbery on a security van at Copthorne. Two guards were taken at gunpoint in their van to Shipley Bridge where shots were fired into the ground, £200,000 stolen and the vehicle and guards abandoned. The four offenders ran to the motorway where a vehicle was waiting for them. This was a part of a series of offences and a team of robbers was arrested at a similar offence in Kent. This crime remains undetected but there were no more in this series!231

1988: Special Crime Patrol Unit commenced surveillance on a target provided by the Force Intelligence Unit following a series of burglaries. The suspect who was dressed as a chauffeur was followed to Normandy where he was arrested for Burglary. He later admitted a number of other burglaries and was imprisoned for five years.232

Queen's Regiment parading through Guildford; Ted Sherwood leads


Ted Sherwood leading a parade of the Queen's regiment exercising their right as freemen of the Borough of Guildford.

1988 Special Crime Patrol Unit: A series of burglaries were committed in the county and it appeared that there was one offender. The Mo was the same as a man dealt with by the SCPU in September 1987 and surveillance was mounted and the following day he was arrested entering premises he had been seen to have a close look at the day before. Admitting 35 offences he was sentence to three and a half years in prison at Guildford Crown Court.233

1988, Drug Squad: Was engaged in an enquiry of international importance with over 30kg of cocaine valued at £5,000,000 having been seized. This was the largest police seizure of drugs in the UK.234

The case was uncovered through investigation by the Surrey Fraud Squad. On the 23 December 1989 the principal offender was sentenced to 15 years in prison and identified assets of £1,452,101 were confiscated.235

1988: New Zealand and the Drug Squad: Operation Panther UK involved working with the police in New Zealand to disrupt supplies of LSD from Surrey to that country. A man was arrested in Surrey and extradited to New Zealand.236

1988, January: Major armed robbery when Securicor cash in transit vehicle was seized and disappeared complete with crew. Surrey used the Metropolitan Police helicopter and Sussex helicopter as they did not have one and eventually the vehicle was found abandoned on open country and the crew rescued. Operation Cricket.

1988, January: An American Airlines aircraft disappeared off the radar just after it took off. A full alert was called and it was thought that the aircraft had probably crashed into the side of Russ Hill close to the end of the runway. Later it was revealed that as the pilot took off a gust of wind blew out one of the engines and so the power was reduced.

Reaching Russ Hill the aircraft was so low it dropped off the radar. The plane hit the tops of the trees but managed to pull away, out over the English Channel to dump fuel, to make a lighter and safe landing. On the approach the aircraft was too heavy and more fuel had to be dumped out again over the Channel before the aeroplane was finally able to land and the passengers hosed out! It was a near run thing, and was the closest to a major crash since 1970.

1988, February: The Firearms Support Team and the Metropolitan Police in a joint operation arrested two men wanted following a shooting in the Metropolitan Police District. The operation was centred on a gypsy camp at Egham. Two men were arrested and one more later that day at Windsor.237

1988, early in the year: CS gas was used by youths during a disturbance in Egham at Holloway College where students were attacked and eight received hospital treatment for exposure to the gas. A further incident occurred a few weeks later in a public house.238

1988, 28 February: An officer arrested two elderly ladies at a car boot sale in Woking. They were selling new clothes with the labels removed and it was found that they had obtained the property by shoplifting. They were sentenced to 240 and 120 hours community service.239

1988, March: Operation Lynx: This was a Firearms Support Team operation following a number of raids on Securicor vans in East Surrey, Kent, and other police areas. The teams were mobilised early in the day each week to sit and watch from pre-planned observation points the security vans as they made their deliveries. The intention was of course to try and arrest the armed robbers. It went on for weeks and eventually the robbers were arrested in London during an armed robbery.

1988, 24 March: Reigate town centre: A man called 999 and threatened suicide with a firearm. He was kept talking by the operator as police were deployed and saw the man striking something concealed in a plastic bag which exploded. He later died. It was found that there was a short piece of pipe with a shotgun cartridge which was discharged by the striking.

Frank Austin: This incident was at the phone box at the traffic lights at the junction with Reigate Road and Wray Park Road I can't remember who he was on the phone to but he had a length of tube with a shotgun cartridge inside and from memory he was ramming it with a screwdriver. Eventually he was successful and the cartridge fired into his stomach and he eventually died. I believe DC Colin Edwards was also present.

Bob Bartlett: I was newly appointed in charge of Ops and I went to the control room when called because of this job. I looked at the handwritten message and it said SAS called. I was a little annoyed and asked was it not possible for Surrey firearms to deal with such a small scale incident to be told it was Surrey Ambulance Service. New Boss!

1988, April: The Firearms Support Team was deployed to an incident at Chertsey involving a twenty year old girl. All the windows in her top floor flat were broken and she threatened to shoot local officers and the sound of a low powered weapon was heard coming from the flat. The girl barricaded herself in the roof piling bricks on the trap door. An entry was made by the unarmed Firearms Support Team through a hole in the roof made by the girl. The girl was arrested and taken to hospital for assessment.240

1988, 1 April: Hurst Green church was severely damaged by fire causing £300,000 of damage. A local man was charged with arson.241

1988, early in the year: A temporary prison was established at Alma Dettingen barracks, Deepcut to house 335 prisoners who could not be found spaces in the prison system. The prison was fully manned by the military but police were required to respond on a number of occasions some of which were riot situations. The extra commitment and ever present threat was a considerable drain on resources.242

1988, 11 April: During the early morning rush hours a fully laden petrol tanker was involved in an accident with a private car in Walton. The tanker overturned and 6,000 gallons of fuel spilled. Those involved in the accident were soon released but suffered only minor injuries but a major incident was declared. The fuel fumes caused a minor explosion in the basement of a nearby public house and local houses were evacuated. The tanker driver was prosecuted for reckless driving.243

1988,15 April: The Firearms Support Team attended Leatherhead to a report that a shotgun was being discharged on a housing estate On investigation local officers were confronted by three children running from the house; they had seen their mother shot by her common law husband. The premises were contained and the Firearms Support Team called and entered the house to find the mother and the man dead in the bedroom from gunshot wounds.244

1988, 17 June: Horley Town centre: The centre was pedestrianised and this attracted loutish behaviour by local youths which culminated when fifty young men congregated and attacked police officers causing injury and damage to their vehicles. During the following Saturday afternoon at the local carnival arrests resulted in the police station coming under attack. That evening 80-100 young man gathered in the precinct and there were further outbreaks of violence. Officers again suffered injuries when the group was confronted and arrests made.245

1988: Police Support Unit: Deployed on aid to Wiltshire and on fourteen occasions within the county.246

1988, June: PSU emergency deployment to assist Wiltshire at Stonehenge: There was serious trouble in Wiltshire on Salisbury Plain where the Druids were trying to celebrate ... more

1988, June: Guildford fraud enquiry leading to nine arrests for a crime valued at £2,000,000.247

1988, Friday evening July: Following a disturbance in Dorking town centre a youth was stabbed to death. The problems in the town of drunken violence then decreased.248

1988, 17 July: Murder at Reigate Operation Chain: John Milner: Murder of Joel Winter a ninety one year old retired dentist, and attack on his companion eighty nine year old Daisy by two drunken I think, Irishmen.

Lynn Evans: I was involved in a Redhill Murder in 1980s when two old people Joel Winter and Daisy French were burglary victims and Joel murdered. Two men Lynch and Finnegan were convicted and officer in case was John Milner.

Dick Crockford: Redhill murders in Station Road committed by Lynch and Finnegan.

Jamie Donaldson: The scene was a flat over a dental practice. John Milner told me that enquiries indicated the victim had about £600 in the home and I instructed the local Scenes of Crime Officer to search for it and none was found. John was insistent and I became involved and saw a Scenes of Crime Officer empty a drawer of socks and then start to put them back. I asked if he had unravelled the socks and he had not and that is where the money was found in £20, £10, and £5 notes. It just shows how important every detail is in a murder enquiry. We learn all the time and a team is only as good as the weakest link.

1988, 17 July: A hippy encampment was established at Spinney Hill Addlestone between 2 May and 17 July gradually growing to 250 people and seventy plus vehicles. The situation deteriorated and the owner of the land refused to take any action. The site was a health hazard and was soon to become the venue for a pop concert and so an operation involving 200 officers mostly Police Support Unit, was mounted to evict the hippies. This was undertaken successfully.249

1988, 22 July: Murder Dorking: Victim Ware Op Pump.

1988: Major operation mounted to move travellers from a camp at Addlestone with numerous PSUs and other resources under Assistant Chief Constable Christ Atkins ... more

1988, 28 July: A 42 year old lady was raped in the grounds of Surrey University. Two attempted rapes had occurred a few days earlier in Guildford and Ash with victims aged 61 and 29. A man was arrested in Reading and charged with the three offences.250

1988, August: An 85 year old man went missing from his home in Guildford. A search of common ground by foot patrols and dog handlers was proving difficult and so a helicopter was called from the RAF and after a brief search the man was found and taken to hospital where he recovered.251

Robert Bartlett: Ops had very recently received a request from Air Sea Rescue for work in land as their assets were under utilised and so a bid was made and responded to very quickly from the coast. The missing man was the father of Detective Constable Trooper Cooper who came to HQ and was put on the helicopter to direct the crew. His father was found within minutes of their arrival.

1988, 21 August: Police were called to a house in Worplesdon where an 85 year old lady was found dead with head wounds. A 73 year old man was charged with murder.252

1988, 11 September: Late evening customers of the Jolly Farmer at Runfold were rounded up by two people with shotguns. They were ordered back into the public house, made to lie on the floor and the staff tied up. The offenders stole £2,500 from the safe and locked the people in the toilet before leaving. Ten minutes later an almost similar offence took place at the princess Royal pub nearby when £2,900 was taken from a safe and customers and staff locked in a bedroom. A vehicle stolen from Guildford was found nearby. One man was charged.253

1988, September: A young lady was shot at but uninjured. After a protracted search her estranged boyfriend was traced and arrested.254

1988, 12 October: Ann eleven year old girl was dragged at knifepoint into a car in Twickenham and driven to Stoney Castle Ranges at Pirbright where she was raped by two men and abandoned naked. The men were arrested and sentenced to thirteen years in prison at the Central Criminal Court on the 5 October 1989.255

1988, 31 October: Two men armed with shotguns forced an entry to a bungalow on the outskirts of Farnham occupied by an elderly couple and a visiting Canadian judge. The occupants were tied up in one of the bedrooms and the house ransacked. They remained on the premises for three hours before leaving with stolen property. Two men were charged.256

1988, 25 November: A man was found guilty at Guildford Crown Court having been charged with continual cruelty and assault of a ten year old girl. There were no visible marks but arms were photographed using ultra-violet light and this showed the imprint of a sole of a boot. The offender was sentenced to 15 months in prison.257

1988, 27 November: Ash: In the late afternoon fighting broke out between neighbours and escalated until about seventy people were involved. A considerable number of police were needed to restore order. A number were arrested and charged.258

1988, 16 December: A series of incidents requiring a significant allocation of CID resources took place overnight. Two men sitting in a car parked in a secluded field at Chelsham were surprised by there men who forced them from the car. The passenger was tied up the driver resisted and was severely kicked and beaten and later died. They drove off in the deceased's car. A short while later a family at Oxted were disturbed by intruders and the father and son fought back with the son being severely wounded by a stab wound to an artery in his arm. The intruders stole a car abandoning the first stolen vehicle close by. Later in the morning a couple at Fetcham were disturbed by intruders who tied them up and stole a considerable amount of property from the house. The intruders left in two cars stolen from the house and the car stolen from Oxted was abandoned. These offences were linked to others of armed robbery, attempted murder, rape and burglary which happened in Kent and the Metropolitan Police District. Four men were arrested and charged with 45 offences.259

1988-1989: Fatal Road Traffic Accident: 1988 77; 1989 90 with 6529 people injured.260

1988, December: M25 Murder: Three men, Michael Davis, 34, Raphael Rowe, 32, and Randolph Johnson, 35, from south-east London, were convicted of the murder of Peter ... more

1988: Operation Peninsula: Largest cocaine seizure to date – Rene and Rudi Black: Smithbrook Kilns Cranleigh. Banks are obliged to notify large cash movement and had ... more

1988: Murder/Suicide: Hazeltine/Todd.

1988: OP Church – Armed Robbery Reigate.

1988: Smith Family Murders Reigate.

1989: Firearms Support Team: The demand for the team increased with an extreme example of four deployments in a day and another where five armed robbers were arrested in two incidents within another week. The team retain their very high standard of professionalism and on many occasions during the year acted with great bravery often in very complex and dangerous situations. Their enhanced work load has led me to consider establishing a team on a full time basis.261

1989, 2 February: Arson: A fire was discovered in a ground floor room of Peperharrow Mansion a residential school for maladjusted children. A naked flame was put to a foam filled settee the fire quickly spreading causing damage of £3,000,000. The enquiry was very difficult given the nature of the residents.262

1989, 21 February: An operation was mounted to assist bailiffs to remove a convoy hippies from private land but before action was taken they moved to Cutmill. Police went to the new location and 25 vans, buses and lorries were evicted from the site and escorted out of the police area.263

1990, 20 April: Operation Lynx: Murder at Chertsey of Dick Owen Sidney Johnston; Officer in Case Detective Superintendent Rose.

1989, 13 March: Two masked men robbed a local shop manageress of £2,131. Two members of the public chased the offenders and identified them to police and they were arrested and sentenced to two years in prison.264

1989, 3 April: The Firearms Support Team was deployed to Farnham where a resident in a guest house overheard a conversation in the next bedroom when the terms, explosives, bombs and the IRA were used. The town was closed off causing considerable disruption but it was found to be an elaborate hoax.

1989, May: A Drug Squad officer covertly established himself within an existing conspiracy to supply cocaine resulting in an arrest and conviction. A further three conspiracies were prosecuted following officers acting covertly within the drug world. Principal offenders were prosecuted and £25,000 of cannabis was seized.265

1989, 2 May: Six off duty police officers were injured in an Indian restaurant where they had tried to stop a disturbance. In the following days a number of raids took place on various sites and three offenders were sent for trial.266

1989: A potentially very dangerous firearms incident was to centre on the village of Windlesham off the A30 just to the north of Camberley. This was a joint operation ... more

1989, 3 May: A burglary took place at Betchworth where a neighbour took the index number of the offender's vehicle leading to the arrest of two men later that evening in London. The men admitted 29 burglaries in the Dorking, Leatherhead and Sutton areas.268

1989, 22 May: Robbery: An elderly man was attacked while carrying his employer's takings to Jacobs Well Post Office. Three men were subsequently arrested and £1990 of the stolen £5,109 was recovered. Two men were committed for trial.269

1989, 27 May: A party of Sikhs travelling from the coast to Southall in a coach met a coach load of race goers in a car park at Box Hill. A fight followed and three Sikhs were taken to hospital suffering from head injuries and one white youth needed treatment for a cut – thirty stitches. Police arrested 45 people but no one was charged.270

1989, 30 May: A package containing a contaminated product was received by a company in Egham with a demand for £75,000. A Regional Crime Squad operation was undertaken resulting in the arrest of a man in Scotland. He was charged and admitted the offence and others including a demand with menaces of £100,000 from a store in Dundee.271

1989, 30 May: A man bailed by a Judge on a charge of attempted murder of his wife returned to the village of Milford after placing an explosive device on his wife's car at ... more

1989 between June and January 1990: A series of eleven armed robberies occurred across the south of England with property in excess of one million pounds stolen. Four of the offences were in Surrey and a joint incident room was established at Reigate. A man was arrested during a robbery at Ascot and a brother in Spain and was extradited. A third man was arrested in Manchester. Charges included armed robbery, kidnapping, burglary and firearms offences.273

1989, June 21: PSU deployed to Stonehenge Wiltshire on a pre planned operation: On the 21st June 1989, Surrey was back in Wiltshire. This year eight hundred officers ... more

1989: Military establish a temporary prison at Deepcut to deal with the overflow of prisoners from HMP. A trip was arranged to a temporary prison run by the military on Salisbury Plain. It was like something from the Second World War – a POW camp; all that was needed, and there might have been one, was an escape committee and a tunnel.

Difficult discussion took place with the military with policy established by General de la Billiere. The Surrey Constabulary did not feel able to participate as fully as the Army believed they should. Plans and discussions also take place with prison governors should prison officers go on strike and have to be replaced in prisons by police; Operation Fletcher.

1989, 25 June: Officers stopped a vehicle in Sheerwater at 2340 containing seven people. A quantity of weapons was recovered including iron bars, baseball bats, rice flails and knives. A total of twelve people were arrested and charged conspiracy to cause an affray. The cause was a domestic issue involving a female in an incident during a holiday abroad.274

1989, 30 June: A serious disturbance took place in Camberley town centre at a public house. Officers were close by and tried to intervene but were immediately surrounded by over 100 people. Fights broke out along about half of the High Street and as the fighting escalated additional officers came form other parts of the force and surrounding police forces. Twenty one people were arrested and charged. A number of officers were injured some requiring hospital treatment. Sixteen people appeared before the court the following day, six convicted and sentenced, one was remanded in custody and nine granted bail. All were eventually convicted.275

1989: A trial took place of a helicopter for a three month period and proved to be a useful policing aid.276

The aftermath of a "pay party" - the morning after.

The aftermath of a "pay party" -
the morning after.

1989: The year of the "pay party" saw officers deployed most weekends throughout the summer in an attempt to lessen the potential for disorder.277

1989, 3 July: An attempted rape took place at Normandy after a young lady was flagged down as drove to her home in the early hours. The man said her vehicle wads defective and she dragged from the car at knife point and forced into the undergrowth. Her attacker left her to turn the lights off on his car and she escaped and hid in the bushes. She remained concealed for the next few hours before calling at a nearby house. The crime was not detected.278

1989, 15 July: Friction between rival gangs led to a number of confrontations at Frensham Ponds during the summer culminating in a large fight when 18 people were arrested and charged with public order offences.279

1989, Monday 14 August: Cracknell Kidnapping: Operation Tangerine: Leatherhead SIO John Milner: Alan Radlett: Victor Cracknell lived in West Horsley (Guildford Division) ... more

1989, 19 August: Police were informed that many vehicles were arriving in a field at Blindly Heath and it was revealed that lighting, staging and heavy duty loudspeakers had been erected. It was revealed that the organiser had intended the party to be in Brentwood but had been stopped by an injunction. The crowd grew to between 5-7,000 people with police receiving 450 complaints of noise as the party continued throughout the night to lunch time the following day. One of those attending died from a chronic asthmatic attack exacerbated by consuming ecstasy.280

1989, 26-27 August: An "acid house" party was held on farm land at Effingham attracting some 12,000 people causing acute disruption to the local community. Attempts to hold similar events at Clandon, Witley, Burpham and Hambledon were thwarted by good information and positive police action.281

1989, 27 August: Arson: A number of arson offences were committed in Guildford leading to the arrest of a man who set a fire at Ashenden Builders causing £460,000 worth of damage. A man was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison.282

1989: Twenty seven chemist's shops were burgled during the year only eight involving the theft of drugs one case resulting in the overdose of an addict.283

1989, September: The police helicopter spotted a party being established at a farm in Caterham. Officers were deployed and were able to stop equipment vehicles from entering the site and the attempt to establish a pay party was abandoned.284

1989: Working more closely with social service meant that the Western Division mounted in excess of 150 child abuse investigations a number resulting in prosecutions. A father was convicted at the Central Criminal Court of raping his three daughters over a number of years.285

1989, 10 September: The helicopter Oscar 99 was trialling the use of the aircraft to counter the years old problem of speeding motorcycles at the weekend on the A24 at Mickleham. One motorcycle was recorded at 122 mph and failed to stop twice when signalled to do so by foot police. The rider made off through the village pursued by the helicopter which the rider was unaware of. The vehicle returned to the A24 where the helicopter made itself known and the rider gave up. He was reported for many serious traffic offences. The use of the helicopter in this novel way had a significant impact on the behaviour of motorcyclists at Mickleham.286

1989, 13 September: Following an explosion outside a bookshop in York police in Guildford found a suspicious package near a shop in North Street. The area was cordoned and the army attended and defused the device which was similar to the one in York and other bookshops across the country. No arrests were made but it was thought to be connected to the publication of The Satanic verses by Salmon Rushdie.287

1989, 14 September: Operation Butterfly: Bombing of Penguin Books Guildford in protest for selling Salmon Rushdie's Satanic Verses.288

1989, 23 September: Murder: A business man returning to his house in Ash was attacked receiving multiple stab wounds from which he died. The murder attracted a great deal of national publicity with the deceased being labelled a "Rackman type landlord"... more

1989: Sidlow: Police attempted to stop a pay party which deteriorated into violence between the police and party organisers receiving large scale media attention.290

1989, October: The military moved in to take over from the Surrey Ambulance Service when they went on strike. In addition to the military ambulances there were the ... more

accident on M25

1989, 18 October: Richard Bond: A quadruple fatal on the M25 Eastbound carriageway between Leatherhead and Reigate Hill on 18 October 1989. I did not deal with it. (Somebody from HTG did.) The story was that a Colt (I think) car going west crossed through the emergency access and hit a van going east. The driver of the car was thrown out. The three others were workmen trapped and burned to death inside the van. An off duty officer from Leatherhead in motorcycle gear received burns trying to get the three out. The two officers behind the van were me and Lenny Millsom with powder extinguishers.

Gordon Larkins: I believe motorway closed for fourteen hours.

1989: The rent allowance is replaced: The rent allowance was abolished for new recruits, and they instead received a new housing allowance worth two-thirds of its predecessor.292

1989: Murder of two Children.

1989: Pay Parties: In additional to the growing demands of the foxhunts, pay parties burst on the scene. At weekends, promoters would come into the country with enormous ... more

1989: First deployment by helicopter of an armed response from the field and firearm's range at HQ to Godstone Green at about 1700 on a Friday evening following a shooting on a traveller's site, Peter Moore, Bob Bartlett as cadre officer, and one other Firearms Support Team member.

1988-89: Emergency Planning: Planning with other emergency services to respond to major incidents began in earnest although at this stage the County Emergency Planning Officer (CEPO) was excluded as he was seen to have ambitions to take over the role of commander something that was completely unacceptable to the Chief Constable and unsuitable in practice.

A working group was formed and the police, ambulance and fire joined in the detailed planning and eventually, after a change of personnel CEPO was invited to participate. Over time a strategic level for emergency planning was developed which incorporated all the chief officers and a lower level where the work was done. A joint county plan as prepared which included a single mortuary for the county based at Longcross Chertsey, the first such initiative in the country.

Common sense finally made people accept that if a plane with several hundred people on board fell from the sky no ad-hoc local facility would cope. The scale of the planning task increased and Sergeant John Lawrie and now a civilian, retired sergeant Fred Smith undertook the role.

1990, 10 January: Operation McKenzie: Robberies Lloyds Bank by Chieke brothers.

1990, 20 January: A party involving 250-300 people took place in a derelict house in Camberley. Four were arrested for drug offences as they let the party at 0600. A further part was planned but the owner obtained a court order and police and bailiffs entered the site early in the morning of the alleged party. Twenty vehicles and 42 hippies were escorted off the site. Large numbers of would be party goers came to the site but left on police advice!293

1990, 25 January: A gust of wind caused a great deal of damage but nothing on the scale of its predecessor in 1987. Operations Room had a severe weather warning and the ... more

1990, 26 January: 2130 an aggravated burglary at an Indian restaurateur's home in Farnham. The owner's wife and small son were on the premises when four Asian men burst in and threatened them with a long bladed screwdriver. The mother and child were separated as the house was ransacked, the offenders leaving after thirty minutes with £3000 in cash, jewellery and other property. Two men were later arrested and charged.296

1990, 13 February: Attempted armed robbery: A young man entered a building society in Woking and demanded money saying he had a gun. He left empty handed but was seen by police who gave chase. A police woman closed with the offender who produced a gun. There was a struggle and as extra police arrived the man was subdued and arrested. He was convicted of a number of robberies and sentenced to four years. WPC Hughes and two members of the public attended the crown Court where they were presented with cheques for £250 each for their brave conduct. They were also commended by the Chief Constable.297

1990, 14 February: During building work on the Brooklands estate at Byfleet a large three feet long Second World War 250kg German bomb was found and dealt with over ten hours as the explosive content was steamed out.298

1990, 15 February: Missing Person Caterham: This was a significant enquiry for a missing man Humphries. Operation Straw.

1990, 5 November 1989 and 3 March 1990: Nine separate arson attacks on farms in Cranleigh causing £147,000 of damage led to surveillance by local officers resulting in two arrests. The two were charged with arson and were placed on probation by the Crown Court but no compensation order was made.299

1990, March and April: Police Support Unit deployed on three occasions to deal with community charge demonstrations ... more

1990, 31 March: The strength of Traffic Branch was reduced by twenty to help meet the priority of beat policing.303

1990, Pay parties: During the summer Police Support Unit were deployed on a number of occasions to counter pay parties and were successful as only one small scale event took place.304

1990, 20 April: The body of a 72 year old man was found in his caravan at Lyne, Chertsey. His hands and feet were tied and a nearby office searched. Extensive enquiries were made but the murder remained undetected.305

1990, 28 April: About 100 people staged a peaceful protest and marched from Weybridge to Walton Town hall. A number of officers were deployed but there were no incidents.306

1990, 19 May: Mid-air collision between to private light aircraft a Piper Archer and a Tiger Moth. Both aircraft were near Redhill at 1800 feet. The four occupants of the aircraft were killed. The Piper crashed into the grounds of the Royal Alexandre and Albert School at Gatton and the Moth into a field north of the M25.307

wreckage of aircraft after the crash

At approximately 17.45 two light aircraft crashed into each other over Junction 7 M25 at Reigate, resulting in the instant death of four people. Both planes had earlier taken off from Redhill airport. A Piper Cherokee with three men on board came down in the playing field of the Royal Alexandra and Albert Foundation School were a number of children were playing - five were treated for shock. The second plane a Tiger Moth came down on the north side of the motorway with debris being recovered from the central reservation of the M25.

James Bulman: I was on duty in Reigate Dedicated Station Unit and it was the usual boring quiet Saturday afternoon. Everyone was watching the football on TV. The two civilian staff and I were arguing as to whose turn it was to make a coffee.

The phone went and I was informed about the accident. The girls heard me repeat what I had been told and we automatically swung into action and did not stop or get much of a break from then on. I remember that some pieces fell on the motorway. Others fell in the grounds of a private school called Gatton Park. I seem to recall that there were some children playing football on an adjoining pitch to the site where the bits landed but there were no injuries to anyone.

Dick Crockford: I was in the CID office in May 1990 and we were having an after-work scotch when Paddy Crossan came in and told us two light aircraft had crashed over Reigate Hill. I remember DC Jenny Elliott being with me. We went to the Royal Alexandra and Albert School where one plane had crashed into the rugby pitch. We were then sent to the other scene in a field at Reigate Hill. After walking across fields full of cows we found it. I recall some typically lazy traffic PCs driving across the field as they were clearly incapable of walking. Paddy Crossan travelled from one crashed aircraft site to the other by helicopter.

1990: Bill Bethell: A security guard was shot in the leg after an armed robbery at the Aldershot Road bank in Guildford. The shooter made off on the back of a motor bike towards London. Colin Ward and I were dealing. The security guard died in hospital two weeks later but although a Holmes course started at HQ that day there were no further CID officers to assist with the murder enquiry. It has never been solved and that was the final nail for me, I left and joined the City of London Police.

1990, 26 May – Bank Holiday: A pay party was advertised at Capel and notices were served on the owners of the land who agreed to cancel the event. Due to the widespread publicity for the event officers were deployed in strength to ensure nothing went ahead. Some of the officers were redeployed to Westcott where one hundred people had arrived for an open air party. They were escorted form the area although another four hundred arrived and also had to be advised to leave.308

1990, 1 June: A man and his wife of Brickhouse Farm, South Godstone were attacked in their home by three intruders. Both were subject to considerable violence including threats to rape the wife if the husband did not reveal where the money was from a farm sale that day. Both were slashed across the face with a Stanley knife and the wife further cut about the body. The attack lasted for almost an hour and the house ransacked. This was undetected. The occupants emigrated!309

1990, June: One hundred and thirty Police Support Unit officers were deployed to Wiltshire for two days to assist in the policing of the Summer Solstice ... more

1990: PSU deployed to Dover during a dock dispute: The Dockers in Kent revolted and there were a number of problems for the local police in Dover ... more

1990: Firearms Support Team officers following cash in transit vans and watching banks and Securicor vehicles particularly in the east of the county to counter a significant number of armed robberies.

1990, between 27 April and 19 June: There were a number of armed robberies at building societies in the Metropolitan Police District and Surrey yielding £14,000. Two of the robberies were in Dorking when a hand gun was hidden under a yellow duster. Following a combined operation a man was arrested in Epsom after a similar robbery and the offender sentenced to seven years for seven robberies. He had no previous convictions.312

1990, 4 July: Following a successful England football match in the World Cup about 100 youths gathered in Guildford town centre causing a serious disturbance. Two officers were injured and £23,000 of damage was caused. Fourteen people were arrested of which twelve were charged and were fined.313

1990, 6 July: Surveillance Unit: Following a series of burglaries in Haslemere and Farnham a vehicle was identified and located to Tulse Hill in the Metropolitan Police District. Put under surveillance the vehicle was followed to Haslemere where two men were arrested committing burglary. They were sentenced to imprisonment.314

1990, 15 July: Farnham: Murder of Child.

1990, 26 July: A joint operation involving the Drug Squad and divisional officers from Farnham against suppliers of LSD was undertaken. Following surveillance two men were arrested in possession of LSD, cocaine, cannabis resin and amphetamine. A small amount of "ice" methyl amphetamine was seized for the first time in the UK.315

1990, Saturday 28 July: Pay party: Adverts began appearing all over London for a party to be held in the Dorking area and information was received that 10,000 tickets had been sold for £16 each by agents for the party at the Old Brickworks, Newdigate. The owners of the site were extremely cooperative using hard core to deny access to the site. On the night of the proposed party 130 Police Support Unit officers were deployed. A number of arrests were made but the organisers were never traced. The cost to the police was £17,000. (Operation Shackleton)316

1990, 10 August: During the late evening police were called to an assault at a public house in Englefield Green. When detaining the person responsible police were attacked with one officer receiving a mouth wound, another a fractured nose and a third required eight stitches to a cut on the eye. A number of youths were arrested.317

1990, August: Farnham (Sandy Hills): An abusive and threatening argument between youths and a resident deteriorated when twenty youths armed with sticks, iron bars and bricks started a general melee to which police responded. The police then became the target but dispersed when more police arrived. A concerted effort over a period of time ensured nothing similar reoccurred.318

1990, 31 August late evening: Following the arrest of two men for public order offences outside a public house in Woking about 100 youths gathered around the officers. Assistance came and twenty were arrested before the situation was brought under control. Those arrested were charged and taken before a special court the following day.319

PC Anthony Archibold in hospital

1990, 1 September: Store detectives and an off duty sergeant followed a suspect into a store in Guildford. The officer identified himself and told the suspect he was under arrest at which point a sheath knife was produced and people threatened. The offender ran off chased by the off duty officer and other police who had responded. The offender continually stopped and made threats to officers with the weapon. When the man was finally tackled by police PC Anthony Archibald received a severe stab wound to the stomach and was off duty for twelve weeks. The offender was sentenced to seven years in prison.320

1990, 2 September: Police were called to a disturbance at a private house in Virginia Water. The householders were away but their son had organised a party and sold a number of tickets. About 200 people attended including gate crashers. Missiles and stones were thrown at police and numbers of officers were required to restore order.321

1990, 9 September: PC Windsor and police dog Khan attended a social club in Ash where a man had been reported with a gun at the rear of the premises. The officer heard movement in the woods and sent in Khan and the man was detained with an air pistol. Khan continued to track in the woods and eventually five other men were arrested for criminal damage and firearms offences.322

1990: Drug Squad: Seized over £5000, 000 worth of drugs and arrested a number of people including two international drugs dealers.323

1990, 27 November 0950: Woodhatch an armed robbery on a Securicor vehicle containing in excess of £700.000. As Metropolitan Police Flying Squad officers attempted to ... more

1990: Jim Findlay: In 1990 thirty six Police Officers were reported for fishing without a licence with prosecution recommended. Six Surrey officers were involved and were ... more

1990: The Firearms Support Team was involved in a number of "knock on the door" operations where wanted men were arrested early in the morning. It was necessary ... more

1990: The Reigate Coin Hoard was found on the 22nd September 1990 by Roger Minty using a metal detector. A total of 6,701 coins were found. One hundred and thirty five were gold and the rest were silver. The coins dated from 1272-1455. Among the coins were gold nobles, half nobles and quarters. Silver groats, half groats, pennies, ten French gold saluts, twenty one Scottish silver coins, and six non-English issues. They were probably buried in AD 420-30. The find was reported to the police at Reigate who then played a part in the recovery and cataloguing of the hoard on behalf of the Coroner.

1990, 28 December: Suspicious death of Steven Kersey whose body was found in a stolen car in a lake at Lingfield. Operation Echo.

1990, 31 December: In the early hours the proprietor of a greengrocer in Smallfield was attacked and robbed and two men made of with £10,000 in cash. Two men were arrested in due course and sentenced to six and three year's imprisonment respectively.325

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