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Civil War

Programme run: 4 x 30 minutes
Production: Wark Clements / BBC
First Transmitted: 2002

Before 1517, Europe was religiously united, with all states and virtually all subjects acknowledging the Pope as their spiritual leader.  This drama documentary charts the start of the English Civil War, the execution of the King and the birth of parliamentary democracy.  Reformation and Counter-Reformation Europe provide the back drop against which the civil wars of 1640s were played out.

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Dr Tristram Hunt presents an historical documentary series about the English-Civil War of 1640s & fraught relations between England, Scotland & Ireland. 

The Breakdown
The arrogant religious policies of Charles 1 divide England & relations with parliament crack under the pressure. 

Taking Sides
How events across the Irish sea accelerated war in England as the relationship between Parliament & King collapsed, dividing the country into Roundheads & Cavaliers. 

Total War
Cromwell's victory at Marston Moor secured his rise to power, while, in Scotland, the so-called 'English-Civil-War' degenerated into a brutal clan feud between the MacDonalds & Campbells. 

The Endgame
While the King is held to ransom by Parliament, Cromwell's New Model Army is in Putney debating radical proposals. Charles escapes & reignites war with the help of the Scots. A second civil war erupts in England, which is brutally suppressed by Cromwell. By re-igniting the war Charles's fate is sealed, a death warrant is forced through parliament and the King finally loses his head.


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