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Coast Series 4 & 5

Programme Run: 16 x 16 minutes
Production: BBC
First Transmitted: 2009 HD available 

This award winning programme reawakens our love for the coast. From tourism and fishing to military defence and archaeology, the coastline is embedded with forgotten history and culture. Stories include the secret coastal hideaway of the man who inspired Citizen Kane, the last port of call for The Titanic, the early home of silent movies and the little town sitting in the path of a potential tsunami.


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Series Four
In series four, the team track down ancient dinosaur footprints and learn how to build a castle and a Viking Longship. Hermione Cockburn discovers how the man who inspired Citizen Kane turned a run-down castle into a little hideaway for him and his mistress.

The team visit Cork harbour, the Titanic’s last port of call, to hear the story of one lucky Irish passenger who had to reluctantly disembark. Neil Oliver tries his hand at directing a silent movie in the original home of cinema and, further afield, Nick Crane visits the Norwegian town sitting in the path of a tsunami.

Series Five
An extraordinary circular tour of the Irish Sea opens series five, visiting every country of the United Kingdom. Alice Roberts gets trapped in quicksand to discover what makes it so sticky and so deadly, the team meet dolphins and seals, and Nick Crane explores the violent history of smuggling.

The team continue their hunt for stories across Europe. The Danes top the polls as the happiest people on Earth and Neil Oliver wants to know what they are smiling about. At Carnac in France, Mark Horton wanders amongst the mysterious lines of standing stones, erected thousands of years before Stonehenge, to investigate their age old secrets. 



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