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About the Labs

The laboratories have three main functions:

  1. To support and enable innovative research into the interaction between people and ambient technologies – i.e. those technologies that are around us and used in everyday life (everything from mobile phones to touch screens*).
  2. To provide services to support usability, accessibility and developmental testing for module teams around the University working with module (course) materials, the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and the University’s online presence.
  3. To support other innovative computing and educational technology research.

Specialist support officer in the Control Room setting up recording

* The Pervasive Interaction group of Mathematics, Computing and Technology Faculty and Institute of Educational Technology share the facilities to carry out internally and externally funded research in these areas and developing technologies for teaching and learning.

Data in the form of video, audio and screen capture can be recorded to DVD without users or researchers having to know about the underlying technology.  Full technical and evaluation support is available. See also Labs specification for information about how the labs are equipped.


The Jennie Lee Research Labs are located on the ground floor of the Jennie Lee Building.

Opening and support times

The labs are supported during standard office hours (9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm Friday)

Out of hours bookings may be possible in special circumstances. They need to be organised in advance, with a minimum of one month's notice and are negotiable depending on support staff availability and compliance with conditions for out of hours use.

Lab enquiries and bookings

Calendar of bookings


Contact Us


Telephone: +44(0)1908 332422

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The Jennie Lee Building is on the left of the campus map.

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