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Server room

The server room is not bookable and is shared by STEM and IET.

High performance Computing

A powerful investment

The Jennie Lee building houses a state-of-the-art computer server room. Our high-performance Computing cluster provides multi-intensive tasks related to research projects across the faculty and the University.

The HPC facility is managed by the faculties STEM Technical Services group. The advanced rack system within the room permits clear and efficient airflow and allows the use of low power-consumption processors in the cluster which substantially reduces the carbon footprint of high-performance computing. The cluster provides 532 job slots, 8.7TB RAM and several Nvidia GPU enabled compute nodes. Research storage is supplemented by a Ceph object storage platform based on clustered HP infrastructure; this provides 786TB RAW capacity in its current configuration

The cluster has been used for projects as diverse as:

  • Computation of orbital paths of the moons of Jupiter
  • Determination of all 9,530 orientable embeddings of Steiner Triple systems
  • Determination of the McCabe Cyclomatic number for functions, methods and classes
  • Latent Semantic Analysis
  • Research in Statistical Epidemiology
  • The simulation of accretion flows in magnetic interacting binary stars.

The server room is also used by the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) for departmental servers and the lab servers.

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