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Technical details

Every lab and room has the following facilities

  • Flood wiring with Cat 6 Networking, WiFi and power, this includes under-floor, dado rail trunking and ceiling outlets
  • Audio and video links that go directly to the control room from every lab, where it can be recorded by computers into the Matroska (.mkv) file format. As some labs have more than one camera and one may wish to capture the computer screen as well, we use this format as it can bundle together multiple video and audio streams. We have software which can split these files so that we can produce video of the appropriate camera angle, audio track etc.
  • At least one Ceiling Dome camera which can pan, tilt and zoom, a microphone and a computer. Each computer has specialist software and hardware which allows us to capture the computer's screen and record it; this can be recorded as an individual video stream or mixed with the room's video camera to create a picture in picture video.
  • A DVD recorder linked to a monitor with touch panel controller allowing for ease of setup and use.

Additional facilities and services

  • We have the Tobii Eye Tracker system which can be setup in any of the labs.
  • We can make podcasts, and provide some editing facilities.

What output we provide

  • All recording is digital, i.e. recorded directly to computer hard disk storage and / or DVD. This allows us to maintain quality. It also allows you to edit your material before taking it away or burn a DVD immediately.
  • We record the computer screen data in High Definition at such a quality that you can read every printed word on the computer screen (we capture 1280 x 768 pixels, in future we will be able to  grab the higher resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels HD.  The current screens have a default resolution of 1280 x 1024, therefore 'pixel doubling' occurs when they are used at 1024 x 768, some observers may notice a slight blurring of the screen)
  • We will need to know the final format of the data that we supply to you on disk, by default we use .mkv format and supply the necessary playback software on the DVD. Alternatively we could stream the video direct to your desktop PC or place it on a local share.
  • When a recording is finished we can convert the recorded material into a format suitable for playback on a computer, formats such as .avi or .wmv can be created.
  • Depending on the kind of recording done, after a few days we will send you a DVD containing the video files or place them on a local share. We also keep a copy of the files for up to 6 months (on a secure server) in case you require further copies.
  • As a future development we hope to provide multi-angle DVDs.

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Telephone: +44(0)1908 332422

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