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Terms and Conditions of use

 The introduction to the Terms and Conditions of use are shown below.  If you wish to see full Terms and Conditions please contact us.

  1. The Labs are supported by IET during standard office hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4.30pm on Fridays) and these hours can sometimes be extended with prior agreement. The Jennie Lee Labs management prefer to have at least 5 days notice of a booking in order to ensure adequate staffing and set up time is available.
  2. The Labs management accept bookings based on the availability of suitable labs for activities. There is no guarantee that labs will be available at short notice, therefore early bookings are advised.
  3. Out-of-hours bookings are not encouraged but may be possible in special circumstances.  They need to be organised in advance, with a minimum of one month's notice and are negotiable depending on the availability of support staff and complying with the conditions for out of hours use.
  4. The labs are provided at no cost to internal OU staff and therefore should not be used in place of a paid for external equivalent; for example they are not a freely available studio space or a broadcast recording area, they are not available for sub-letting to third party organisations and/or to use for any purpose other than those defined in the "Service Offerings" section below.
  5. Service Offerings
    - Accessibility and Usability testing of OU online media (scope OUVLE, OpenLearn, SocialLearn, other Learning & Teaching student facing sites and resources. This work includes wire frame research, paper prototyping as well as beta testing.)
    - Usability and Accessibility testing of third party online media (scope U.K., European, Chinese and U.S. HEI's)
    - Developmental testing of online course materials (scope course production)
    - Research field work data capture (mobile Lab) (scope CREET and CRC research projects)
    - Ambient technology Research scenario mock-up (e.g. Library, museum, dance floor, home) (scope CREET and CRC research projects)
    - Focus group research data capture including paper-based prototypes (scope CREET and CRC research projects, Marketing, QA+QE areas).
    - Bio-feedback services (scope CREET and CRC research projects)
    - Eye tracking services (scope OU and third party usability testers)
    - Research prototype device testing (e.g. interactive surface devices) (scope CREET and CRC research projects)
    - Podcasting (individual) (scope OU staff)
  6. Third party use of the lab or lab services are subject to compliance with OU terms and conditions of use and with the agreement of the Jennie Lee Lab management team. External people must be aware of and comply with OU health and safety and safe working practices. A lab support person or nominated OU sponsor must be available and accompany any external user of the facility.
  7. If the labs are used for training or events then these may occasionally be audio or video recorded for training purposes. Consent will always be requested from the trainer/presenter prior to the event and it is the responsibility of the trainer/presenter to inform the participants that the event is being recorded.
  8. All lab recordings will be destroyed twelve months after the event (unless a case is made to retain the information for a further period).
  9. The labs are a shared OU facility and therefore any revenue generation model above those used to support the sustainability of the facility itself will be discussed and agreed by the JLB Steering Group or the Heads of Unit's for the stakeholder units, and no single unit should use the facility for revenue generation (beyond Lab sustainability) without prior consultation.
  10. Please have consideration for other users of the labs regarding noise levels in the corridors and labs. The Labs management reserve the right to cancel or restrict your lab activity if you spend prolonged periods talking loudly in the corridors beside labs in use or if your lab activity involves high levels of audio which disturbs other lab users.
  11. The test facilitator(s) confirm that they have read and understood the Jennie Lee Labs Privacy policy.
  12. The test facilitator(s) acknowledge that they are responsible for collecting and documenting the consent of test participants for audio and video recorded as part of the research, in accordance with these 'Jennie Lee Labs Terms and Conditions of Use', the 'Jennie Lee Labs Privacy policy', and The Open University's SRPP / research ethics framework.
  13. The test facilitator agrees that they will anonymise the names of recordings, and not expose participant's personal data in the Labs recording and storage systems. An example of a suitable, anonymised recording name: "project-A-test-participant-1". Example of a bad, non-anonymised recording name: "project-A-test-Joe-Bloggs-Real-Name".
  14. These Terms and Conditions of Use may be updated from time to time.

Last revised: 12 December 2018.

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