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The Waste Journey Continues...

Regions & Nations

Contact your Regional Services Manager (RSM) or Office Services team for more information on your local recycling.

Walton Hall

Paper and Cardboard


Paper is collected in all offices in plastic sacks which are placed in waste collection points for regular weekly collection by the Porters.

The sacks of paper are transported to a large locked container.

Our secure shredding contractor empties the container and removes the sacks of paper weekly for recycling.


Cardboard is collected in offices, broken down and placed in waste collection points for the regular weekly collection. The Porters collect and dispose of in our recycling compactor.

Waste Metal


All suitable metal is stored on site, we are able to recycle both Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals.

Contractors transport the metal to their depot in Milton Keynes, where it is sorted and smelted. All metal processed is sold on to UK manufacturers.

The Open University recieve a rebate for all metal recycled

Waste WEEE

WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment)

Electrical and computer equipment is transported by the Porters to the WEEE skip which is kept locked.

When full the waste is transported to a depot in Dunstable, where it is sorted into components that can be re-used and metal & plastic that can be recycled.

Waste Bottles

Plastic & cans

Plastic bottles, packaging and all types of cans are collected from offices, staff kitchens and catering outlets by our cleaning staff.

Waste CDs


We have expanded the recycling of CDs and are now able to recycle:

  • Audio cassettes
  • Video cassettes
  • Floppy discs

They are boxed and palletised then delivered for recycling by our Porters.

Compacted Waste

A percentage of this waste is sent for recycling into fuel. The remainder is further sorted, turned into usable fibres and re-used.


Staff are encouraged to remove glass to kitchens for recycling, using the caddies provided. The Glass is reprocessed and used in road aggregate.

To avoid the risk of injury glass should not be put in the normal waste stream. 

Green Waste

Green waste is taken to a local farm where it is composted and used as fertilizer.


Receptacles for the recycling of batteries can be found in catering outlets as follows:

  • The Hub
  • Berrill Café
  • Michael Young Café
  • East Campus Café

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