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Using open and distance learning to support the Sustainable Development Goals

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Our Partners


Strong collaborations drive every aspect of the work we do. Our partnerships enable the creation of context sensitive programme content, the implementation of practical skills training, the roll-out of programmes across states and countries, and the development of cost-efficient technology solutions.

In some of our work, the OU becomes involved as a partner from the beginning, helping scope and create the shape and strategy from seed stage onwards; with other projects we are drawn in at a later stage, helping drive programmes through from planning to implementation. Our approach is fully flexible – we are able to lead on projects, act as a partner of choice, or open doors to create and facilitate world class networks with combined expertise.

Our network of partners is thriving. We work with academic institutions, NGOs and local country implementation partners, governments and government departments, institutional funders and private donors, technology innovators and global media corporations.  In all our work, we champion and implement robust monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems to ensure that partners are informed, enabled and motivated.