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Increasing Primary Education Participation


Status: Complete

The project aimed to strengthen parental and community participation to enhance education in primary schools in Uganda.

The project was a partnership between The Open University, the University of Makerere and the Ugandan Department of Education and Sport and was funded by the British Council's DelPHE programme. 

It raised the quality and performance of primary education in Uganda through the direct participation of parents, guardians and members of the local community in school activities. 

School involvement was researched to establish the extent to which it was taking place, the benefits and barriers to it. The findings were then used to design and test an intervention that enabled and encouraged greater participation by these groups.

As well as enhancing primary education generally, a particular focus of interest was the differences in attendance and performance between girls and boys, and how these could be improved for either or both groups.

The project contributed to Uganda's capacity to achieve Universal Primary Education in practice as well as in theory. By addressing gender disparities in education, it also had benefits for healthcare and poverty reduction in Uganda.