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Using open and distance learning to support the Sustainable Development Goals

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Strengthening Human Resources for Health


Status: Complete

Health professionals in Ethiopia play a key role in supporting mothers and newborns, and in reducing infectious diseases including TB, malaria and HIV/AIDS. Managers need to recruit the right people, provide on-going training, deploy them effectively and motivate them through positive management, ensuring that Ethiopia builds up an experienced, committed system of qualified professionals.

The Strengthening Human Resources for Health project (HRH) will train new management and administrative staff, upgrade healthcare skills and ensure new knowledge is retained and used to benefit the whole community. Two new postgraduate programmes will focus on making these skills improvements sustainable.

The Open University is working with four universities in Ethiopia to produce Masters degrees in Health Economics and in Human Resource Management for Health. By training local health experts to write open and distance education resources, the OU is enabling local universities to deliver this much-needed professional health management education using a blend of face to face teaching and distance learning.

Lead partner Jhpiego is working with sub-partners The Open University, Management Sciences for Health (MSH), the Ethiopia Midwives Association (EMA) and the Ethiopia Association of Anaesthetists (EAA) to deliver lasting health care improvements. Local partners include universities and institutes of public health.