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Transforming English Language Skills in Higher Education in Pakistan: TELS-HEP


Status: Complete

Mother and son

Launched in early 2012, The Open University’s TELS-HEP project saw the Faculty of Education and Language Studies working in partnership with both the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and British Council in Pakistan, to transform the use of the English language within higher education institutions across the country.

The project had two key audiences. Firstly, it contributed to the professional development of lecturers teaching through the medium of English in Higher Education, and secondly it enhanced the use of the English language by students, both while studying but also while taking their first steps into graduate employment.

Completed in February 2013, the project drew on the OU’s innovative teaching methodologies and had three key phases. It began with a comprehensive needs analysis to assess the use of English within both the HE and business sectors in the country, highlighting specific areas of need while also celebrating and sharing examples of best practice. Secondly, the programme developed four training modules, authored by higher education experts within Pakistan and supported by the OpenELT (Open English Language Training) Unit at the OU, including rich, interactive and culturally sensitive curriculum content. Finally, a pilot roll-out was implemented in collaboration with twelve Higher Education Institutions across the country, alongside a full measurement and evaluation programme.

Funded by the British Council in Pakistan, the project builds on the OU’s commitment to South Asia and its experience in delivering scalable and sustainable English language education and development programmes, such as the English in Action programme in Bangladesh.