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Using open and distance learning to support the Sustainable Development Goals

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Improving the quality of teaching and teacher education, to change the classroom experience of millions of pupils

Status: Complete

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India faces a shortage of over a million trained and qualified teachers at both elementary and secondary school levels. While the Indian Government has initiated several state and national level teacher education and training programmes, the need is far greater.

Freely available to all, TESS-India’s comprehensive toolkit of 191 Open Educational Resources (OER) equips teachers with the knowledge to actively engage their students in meaningful learning. The toolkit comprises of 105 teacher development units, 20 school leadership units, 10 principles of practice, 55 videos of authentic classroom teaching and a compendium offering sample teaching learning pathways through the OER.

Created collaboratively with over 200 Indian and international teacher education experts, the toolkit enables teachers to turn teaching policy into real practice. Resources can be selected sequenced and adapted flexibly, according to the priorities of states, districts, schools or individuals. They can be studied by teachers independently or with the support of teacher educators. Completed by over 50,000 participants, teacher educators are also supported by a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) available in English and Hindi. The TESS-India model of school leadership and management further engages school leaders, teacher educators and state administrators in understanding and applying effective management strategies, such as school self-review, improvement planning, assessment and defining school culture.

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Initiated in November 2012, TESS-India was implemented across seven priority states: Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Karnataka, Assam and West Bengal. TESS-India OER have been embedded into pre- and in-service teacher education programmes across all seven states, sustainably strengthening existing systems at relatively low cost and reaching more than 1 million teachers and teacher educators.

The next phase of TESS-India will include dissemination of a User Pack containing the full toolkit of resources together with suggested approaches for implementing the toolkit successfully in other contexts.

The full TESS-India tookit of Open Educational Resources can be found on the TESS-India website. 

You can also view find the 55 videos of authentic classroom practice on TESS-India’s YouTube Channel and stay in touch via the TESS-India Facebook Page or email at

After the TESS-India programme, I felt I could do something different. I felt this is what could help me to improve the quality of education and my students too. It has changed my life.

Teacher Educator