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Using open and distance learning to support the Sustainable Development Goals

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Training for innovation in agriculture, health and sustainable energy


Status: Complete

Open University distance learning is being trialled to boost key sector skills in East Africa.

Advances in agriculture, health and sustainable energy are vital to Africa’s future prosperity. The Training for Innovation project is working to enhance the skills of employees and potential employees involved in social and technical innovation in these three key sectors.

A trial is underway in Kenya with a group of employees working or expecting to work in agriculture, health or sustainable energy, who are studying a course to enhance their analytical, practical and investigative skills, using Open University distance-learning materials. As well as applying these skills in their own professional fields, they can also train as course tutors.

The project is a partnership between The Open University and the international African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS), based in Nairobi. It is being funded by the British Council. If successful the skills training programme will be rolled out more widely in East Africa and beyond, using Open University web-based technologies to support it. ACTS will also use Open University materials, and the personnel trained in the course content and distance teaching, to develop new skills-based training programmes in conjunction with other private and public sector organisations.