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Innogen: innovating for life


Status:  Current

Innogen is the centre for social and economic research on innovation in genomics, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. 

Genomics is the study of genomes, the genetic recipe for every living organism from rice plants to humans. Innovations in genomics and life sciences have the potential to transform health care and food production systems in developed and developing countries, but also raise ethical and social issues. Innogen's research aims to provide a sound base for decision-making in science, industry, policy and public arenas.

Ongoing research at Innogen includes work on the International Aids Vaccine Initiative and the Malaria Vaccine Initiative, and other product development public/private partnerships which address neglected diseases.

Innogen also supports the study of socio-economic and ethical aspects of agricultural biotechnology and GM (genetically modified) crops in Africa. Innogen works with local partners in Africa to carry out research.

Innogen is one of three national centres funded by the Economic and Social Research Council to study the evolution and impact of genomics worldwide. It is based jointly at Edinburgh University and the OU. At the OU, Innogen is based in Development Policy and Practice, and is a member of the OU's Innovation Knowledge and Development Centre (IKD).