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Mobile Learning


Status: Current

The continuing advance of mobile technology and communications is having an impact on development strategy and implementation across the world at an increasing pace. An expert in utilising technology in distance learning, the OU is committed to global research into the field, producing insights and practical applications which are driving inclusive mobile learning towards maturity, scalability and sustainability.

One example of our work in this area is contained within the English in Action programme, running across Bangladesh. As a result of careful research and evaluation during the programme’s pilot phase, the OU developed an innovative teacher education platform that utilises mobile technologies. The next phase will utilise low-cost mobile phones pre-loaded with multi-media content, for use by teachers both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Comprehensive measurement of the use of technology in the programme has provided robust evidence of the positive impact of the innovation on classroom practice and student learning, and further provided a link to the development of mobile learning policy and practice, informing other large-scale national education programmes across both South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa