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Objective one:

Leadership- taking a whole institution approach to mental health and wellbeing

Promote an integrated and whole institution approach to supporting student and staff mental health and wellbeing

For the strategy to be successful, we need to embed and reinforce the right culture across the University, and to do this, we need clear lines of ownership and responsibility, as well as the right mechanisms to report on actions and measure their impact. This objective will help to actively encourage the consideration of student and staff mental health and wellbeing across all areas of the University in an integrated and whole institute manner.

More details of this objective can be found in the Student and Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy.

In summary:

This objective will: And be measured through:

1. Task senior leaders and managers to integrate good mental health and wellbeing practices across their areas of responsibility.

Levels of engagement with communications, events and resources.

2. Ask senior leaders and managers to include appropriate actions and measures in their annual strategic and unit plans, and to ensure these are systematically measured.

Levels of engagement with mental health and wellbeing action plans.

3. Support the recruitment of an institutional-wide network of local mental health champions.

The effectiveness of the mental health champions network.

4. Implement tools to gain insight and feedback on the implementation and effectiveness of this strategy.

Responses to relevant National Student Survey (NSS) and staff engagement survey questions.

5. Review resource allocation and investment in mental health and wellbeing support.

Improved awareness of the extent and range of investments made on mental health and wellbeing resources, support, initiatives and activities.


As a leadership team, we will work across the four-nation university community to help promote positive mental health for our students and staff, to increase knowledge and understanding of mental health issues, and to ensure that referrals to appropriate help are readily available.”

Professor Fary Cachelin
Executive Dean, Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies