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Objective two:

Prevention - encouraging ownership of positive mental health behaviours

Equip students and staff with the skills, tools and sense of belonging that promotes positive mental health behaviours and an inclusive culture.

Fostering a sense of self-care and positive mental health behaviours will play a key role in the success of this strategy. To help with this, we all need access to learning and working environments that are inclusive, accessible and promote a sense of belonging and feeling connected with others.

Full details about this objective can be found in the Student and Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy.

In summary:

This objective will: And be measured through:

1. Use feedback from students and staff to help enhance the support provided to meet diverse personal needs within the different online support environments used.

Levels of availability and use of supportive online and physical learning and working environments to inform decision-making.​

2. Carry out an audit of staff and research students’ physical working environments to identify what improvements can be made.

Satisfaction levels with learning/working environments and technologies.

3. Promote and measure initiatives, training and resources to raise awareness of support available to develop positive mental health behaviours.

Demographics of students and staff engaging regularly with initiatives and resources that promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

4. Ensure students and staff can access relevant information and gain the necessary skills to make informed choices and manage their own mental health and wellbeing.

Access and usage levels of mental health and wellbeing resources.

5. Provide training and guidance to staff and their line managers to ensure a common understanding of stress.

Use of stress risk assessments, sickness support plans and staff working days.

6. Work collaboratively across the University to facilitate peer-to-peer support and mentoring programmes for students and staff to support good mental health and wellbeing.

Engagement levels with peer support and mentoring programmes supporting mental health and wellbeing.

With the time we devote to learning and working, it is vital we look after our own and each other’s mental as well as physical wellbeing. Fostering inclusive and supportive environments, and a shared sense of purpose and belonging, will help all students and staff.

Jake Yeo
Deputy University Secretary and Interim Director Research, Enterprise and Scholarship