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Newest cohort of eSTEeM projects up and running

Posted 7th May 2019

We are delighted to announce details of our newest projects to be included within the eSTEeM project portfolio. Following the 14th call for projects in January 2019, we received a variety of scholarship proposals ranging from evaluating level 1 resources for engineering tutors to developing key skills amongst students in secure environments.  For more details please see the project titles below.   

Fi Moorman and Karen New - STEM ISSS - where are we now?  Evaluating awareness, usage and effectiveness of individual student support sessions

Holly Hedgeland - Concept inventories in physics: from development to impact

Karen New, Fiona Moorman and Hannah Gauci - Summer Series of Journal Clubs: an opportunity to develop employability skills and a sense of community amongst students in secure environments

Clare Reger and Anne-Marie Gallen - Evaluating the level 1 engineering tutors resource

Rachel Hilliam - The Mathematics and Statistics Community of Learners

Georgy Holden - Qualification Study websites: uptake and practice

Julie Robson and Chris Hutton - Online peer mentoring at scale: Benefits and impacts from a student buddy perspective

Leonor Barroca and Matt Walkley - Understanding the profile of apprentices

Emma Rothero - Floodplain Meadows Partnership Ambassadors

Paul Piwek and Simon Savage - Evaluation and co-design of confidence-building formative assessment for Level 1 Computing and IT students

Calum MacCormick - Implementing quantum mechanics visualisation tools in a distance learning context

Clare Reger, Mark Bowden, Anne-Marie Gallen - Factors influencing female participation in Physical Science Postgraduate Research Programmes

Martin Hlosta - Disproved predictions of at-risk students: Some students fail despite doing well, others succeed despite predicted as at-risk

Eleanor Crabb and Jane Loughlin - Improving success and satisfaction of credit transfer students entering L3 modules in Science

Andrew Potter and Gerry Golding - Associate Lecturer Reflections on Student Perceptions of Usefulness of Level 1 Service Mathematics

Sally Crighton, Andrew Potter and Gerry Golding - Developing students and tutors perceptions of good mathematical communication on level one service mathematics module MU123: an investigation

Janette Wallace - Evaluating student perspectives of different types of learning events provided on SDK228, a level 2 LHCS module

David Morse and David King - Visualising student journeys

The 15th call for projects will be announced later in the year so watch this space for further details.