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Evaluating STEM/FBL APP Virtual Internship Scheme

Project leader(s): 
Diane Butler, Andrew Potter and Catherine Comfort and Kristen Reid

The project team (STEM, FBL, Placements team in CES) received funding from PVC Students (21/22) to run a Virtual Internship scheme ring fenced for students drawn from the APP target groups. The first internships commence from March 22 onwards – 9 internal placements from STEM, 2 from FBL and some external placements with SMEs. The placements will end by 31st July 22.

This scholarship project will evaluate the scheme as planned, assessing the take up and enthusiasm for the scheme, the benefits to the individuals involved and to the institution in addressing its APP commitments to support entry into graduate employment for students with protected characteristics.

We would like to bring the evaluation of this project under the eSTEeM banner and request support in paying for AL time to undertake interviews, thematic analysis and other qual. and quant .data analysis in conjunction with the team.