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The 7th eSTEeM Annual Conference 2018

Presentations from the 7th eSTEeM Annual Conference held on the 25 - 26 April 2018 STEM Futures: Delivering Excellence Through Scholarship 

Presentations will be added as they are received.

Day 1

Opening Keynote Presentation

Tony Bates, Ryerson University - Digital learning in an era of change: challenges and opportunities for STEM teaching and the OU.

Parallel Session A

Helen Fraser, Jessica Bartlett, Mark Jones, Simon Green and Kate Bradshaw - Lessons in Retention and Success: Using video media to influence students - a story of effort, challenge and reward from S282.

Tom Wilks, Helen Fraser and Jessica Bartlett - Evidence that ‘Boot Camps’ can help student retention and progress – the S282 story.

Carol Calvert - The experience of running a Level 1 flexible start for Introducing Statistics (M140).

Elaine McPherson, Carlton Wood, Anactoria Clarke and John Butcher - Improving retention amongst marginal students.

Parallel Session B

Lisa Bowers, Ryan Hayle, Nick Braithwaite and Farshid Amirabdollahain - Haptic Prototype Assembly Tool for Non-Sighted, Visually Impaired and Fully Sighted Design Students, Studying at a Distance.

Karen Vines, Chris Hughes, Carol Calvert and Chetz Colwell - Implementation of sonifications on a live module.

Trevor Collins, Anne-Marie Gallen, Kate Lister, Gareth Davies and Kate Bradshaw - Addressing the disability attainment gap: Scaling up inclusion across the STEM disciplines.

Parallel Session C

Frances Chetwynd, Fiona Aiken and Helen Jefferis - Employability skills: Myth, Monster or Misunderstanding?

Parallel Session E

Hilary MacQueen and Fiona Aiken - Cushions in the workplace? What vocational students need to succeed.

Janet Haresnape - Skills progression in practical science within the Life Sciences; do students recognize the skills they have developed as employability skills?

Sue Forsythe - What aspects of a team make it a Community of Practice?

Parallel Session F

Lynda Cook, Diane Butler, Vikki Haley-Mirnar, Catherine Halliwell and Louise MacBrayne - Synchronous online tuition: Differences between student and teacher expectations and experiences.

Chris Douce - Understanding tutorial observation practice.

Ann Walshe - An International Comparative Study of Tuition Models in Open and Distance Learning Universities.

Jenna Mittelmeier, Garron Hillaire, Bart Rienties, Dirk Tempelaar and Denise Whitelock - Unpacking STEM students' experiences and behaviours using internationalised academic content.

Parallel Session G

Clem Herman - Gendered enrolment patterns in Computing and IT.

Carol Morris - Engineering qualifications at the OU - what motivates women to study?

Parallel Session H

Rachel Hilliam and Gaynor Arrowsmith - Using a dedicated subject website in the continuing evolution of the mathematics and statistics community of learners.

Nicola McIntyre, Linda Thomson and Gerry Golding - Implementing additional maths support for Health Science students.

Hayley Ryder and Toby O’Neil - Two mathematicians and a Ukulele (how the wrong answer can be the right in mathematics teaching).

Joseph Osunde and Anton Dil - A secondary data analysis of SEAMs responses for programming and non-programming modules by gender.

Parallel Session I

Nicole Lotz, Georgy Holden and Derek Jones - Engaging qualities: factors affecting learner attention in OpenStudio.

Soraya Kouadri Mostéfaoui, Elaine Thomas and Helen Jefferis - ​Visualising the code: student engagement with programming in a level 1 module

Mark Parker, Sally Jordan, Holly Hedgeland, Nick Braithwaite, Christine Leach, David Sands and Ross Galloway - Automated marking of free‐text responses for concept inventories in physics

Ulrich Kolb, Mark Parker and Sally Jordan - Expanding Conceptual Understanding in Physics (ECUIP).

Parallel Session J

Trevor Collins, Vic Pearson, Kate Lister, Elaine McPherson, Anne-Marie Gallen, Chetz Colwell and Kate Bradshaw - Practical Previews

Callum Maccormick - Bridging the level 2-3 gap

Mark Parker and Tom Webley - The Debye-Scherrer method

Bryan Singer - The Rapid Visual Processing Task

Narangerel Davaasuren, Michael Batham, Carl Boardman and Nicholas Turner - The plastic waste conundrum: What is it and where's the money?!

Closing Keynote Presentation

Bart Rienties, The Open University - Critical discussion of Student Evaluation scores and academic performance at the OU

Day 2

Parallel Session K

Christine Gardner, Allan Jones and David Chapman - Analytics for tracking student engagement.

Steve Walker, Moira Dunworth, Tom Olney, Maria Kantirou and Carlton Wood - STEM Learning Analytics Evaluation.

Anton Dil and Sue Truby - Evaluation of a software tool for Java program specification checking.

Parallel Session L

Christothea Herodotou, Maria Aristeidou, Eileen Scanlon and Simon Kelley - Best practice in teaching with the Virtual Microscope: a comparative study of blended and online learning.

John Baxter, Notetaking and on-screen learning

Mark Jones, Susanne Schwenzer, Ulrich Kolb, Judith Croston and Sheona Urquhart - Online Team Investigations in Science (OTIS) – Work in progress.

Trevor Collins, Julia Cooke, Philip Wheeler, Kadmiel Maseyk and Julie Robson - Live field broadcasts: Moving from optional additions to required assessment.

Parallel Session M

Susan Pawley - Live field broadcasts: Moving from optional additions to required assessment