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Intersectionality: how the multiplier effect divides and reduces student success


We are holding our first APS seminar of the new academic year on the morning of 30 September 2021 (09:30-12:30) themed 'Intersectionality: how the multiplier effect divides and reduces student success'.  The seminar will be held online and attendance is free.

At this seminar we will be sharing examples of good work in practice where two or more protected characteristics meet to amplify the negative impact on student outcomes. 

We are very pleased to confirm the following presentations at the seminar:-

  • Rehana Awan - Staff Tutor - Open and Access, John Butcher - Professor of Inclusive Teaching in Higher Education and Darren Gray - Senior manager, APS: The Open University: How do we talk about race, and mental health?
  • Rebecca Breen - Student Recruitment Officer and Danielle Webb - Pre-16 Outreach Officer: University of South Wales: Being a student with Dwarfism and coming from a low income, single parent family - Higher Education from a different perspective.
  • Catherine Pestano - Visiting Fellow, School of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care, WELS: The Open University: Change required to address The Change
  • Andrew Potter - Deputy Associate Dean Academic Excellence, STEM, Diane Butler - Associate Dean Academic Excellence, STEM, Afua Acheampong - EDI Manager, STEM and Jonathan Evans, eSTEeM Project Officer, STEM: The Open University: Intersectionality in STEM: Gender and Ethnicity

Presentations will last a maximum of 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions, and will be recorded and shared afterwards on our website. However, do sign up to attend in person for the chance to take part in the interactive elements of the seminar.

To register for the event, please use this Eventbrite link.

For further information about this seminar please contact


See our Conference Website for videos and presentations from our recent 6th International biennial conference held online from 15-18 March 2021