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Dobrinka Parusheva

Photo of Dobrinka Parusheva

Dobrinka Parusheva, PhD, is Associate Professor of Theory and History of Culture at the Department of Ethnology, Faculty of Philosophy and History, University of Plovdiv and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Balkan Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia. She has widely published in the field of Balkan history at the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Her academic interests are in the areas of social history (including social history of politics), political elites and political culture, gender studies, and history and anthropology of everyday life. Her recent publications include: “Tinkering in Daily Life: People, State and Social(ist) Housing in Bulgaria”, Etudes balkaniques, 2010, 3, 69-91 (co-authored with Iliyana Marcheva and Meglena Zlatkova); “The Web of Power and Power of the Webs: Political Elites in Romania and Bulgaria in the Late Nineteenth Century and Their Networks”, in Nathalie Clayer and Tassos Anastassiadis (eds), Society and Politics in South-Eastern Europe during the 19th Century, Alpha Bank Historical Archives, Athens 2011, 141-176; “Make It Do with What System Provides. People, State and Housing in Bulgaria, End of the 19th and Early 20th Century”, in Hr. Hadziiossif and A. Lyberatos (eds), Social Transformation and Mass Mobilization in the Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Cities (1900-1923), Crete University Press, Rethimno 2013, 63-77. Among the volumes she edited are Political Culture and Cultural Politics in Central and Southeastern Europe, 1850-1950, Special Issue of the journal Etudes balkaniques (2008, 4) and The Ritual Year 8: MIGRATIONS, Paradigma, Sofia, 2014 (co-edited with Lina Gergova).