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Georgios Agelopoulos

Photo of Georgios AgelopoulosGeorgios Agelopoulos studied sociology at Panteion University Athens (BA) and Social Anthropology at St. Andrews University (MPhil) and Cambridge University (PhD). His research interests focus on Balkan ethnography, political anthropology and solidarity economy in Greece and the Balkans. He has taught at Cambridge University (1994-1995), Panteion University Athens (1999-2003), Graz University (2008), Nicosia University (2010-2011), the University of Macedonia (2003-2013). Agelopoulos is a columnist in the Greek Press focusing on identity politics, higher education and solidarity economy (, a member of the Board of the Greek Observatory of Intercultural Education, member of the Greek Minority Groups Research Centre and of the Hellenic League for Human Rights. He is active in the Social Clinic of Thermi, Greece (οινωνικό-Ιατρείο-Αλληλεγγύης-Θέρμης/167870556753356) and various cooperatives in Greece. His academic work appears in English, French, Greek and (Slav)Macedonian.

Selected publications:

'Multiculturalism à la grecque' (in Greek), Episteme kai Koinonia, Vol. 30. 2013.

Balkan Border Crossings, edit. by V. Nitsiakos, I. Manos, G. Agelopoulos, A. Angelidou, Lit–Verlag, Berlin, 2011.

'Contested Territories and the Quest for Ethnology' in Spatial Conceptions of the Nation edit. by F. Birtek, N. Diamandouros, T. Dragona, and C. Keyder, Τauris, London, 2009.

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