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Student Survey 2012-2013

An in-depth survey questionnaire was administered to undergraduate students engaging with different courses in English Studies between November 2012 and February 2013. These were distributed in a range of Delhi-based Higher Education institutions, including a number of Delhi University colleges, Ambedkar University, Guru Gobind Singh I.P. University, Jamia Milia. The student survey was overseen by Subarno Chattarji and Suman Gupta, with assistance from colleagues in the institutions covered, and the results were collated and statistically processed by Donka Keskinova and Milena Katsarska.

575 returns were received, approximately half from English Honours students and half from subsidiary and other courses in English. The results are presented below.

  • Survey Questionnaire [PDF, 328 KB]: The survey probed three areas: the background of students (age, sex, schooling, family income, category, etc.), their expectations of and experiences in the English Studies programmes they are engaged in, and their aspirations.
  • Survey Charts [PDF, 694 KB]: This document gives summary results in graphic form.
  • Survey Tables 1 [PDF, 565 KB]: This document gives detailed results in tabular form for the total returns.
  • Survey Tables 2 [PDF, 1,074 KB]: This document gives detailed results in tabular form for Honours and non-Honours students.  

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