Evidence Cafe: insights from experts

UPDATE: with the current Covid-19 virus crisis, this workshop has been postponed until further notice. We are considering whether we can run an online version in the future

With the project well underway, the ARCLIGHT team is seeking to widen our understanding of the challenges both faced by the particular communities in which we are working alongside local people, and also across Guyana nationally. To gather insights from experts, the UK based team members will be hosting an Evidence Café in London in March.

An Evidence Café is a hands-on workshop where experts from different backgrounds and practices come together with academics to consider a challenge, and share their perspectives. In our case, we are asking: “How do we build community mental health resilience in Guyana?”. We will be inviting experts from a range of fields, including drawing from the strong network of the Association of Guyanese Nurses and Associated Professionals. During the day, we will consider where the knowledge lies that can answer this question, and how we can move forwards in solving this important societal challenge. As an outcome, participants insights will be drawn together into a report that we will make available to inform practitioners, researchers and policy makers.

Get in touch with our Principal Investigator, Dr. Ann Mitchell, if you’d like to find out more.

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