MyShout! Supporting young people (aged 12+) who want to carry out their own social science research.

MyShout! supports young peoples’ understanding of the research process including the research question, methods, ethics, data collection, data analysis, and dissemination of findings. To date, MyShout! has been used successfully for several years as part of a blended learning approach which includes intermittent adult-led face-to-face sessions that introduce key concepts, followed up by young researchers working on MyShout! independently at home.

Through their completion of various online activities, young people are supported to identify their own social research topic and to design and conduct their own research. MyShout! includes resources to support the creation and use of: semi-structured and/or open-ended interviews, and questionnaires using open questions, numerical scales and Likert scales. Also, it supports the collection and analysis of photographic data.

MyShout! functions as a website (not a blog) and was developed by Dr. Lucinda (Cindy) Kerawalla for the Children’s Research Centre at the Open University. You can find published papers about various aspects of young researchers’ experiences of using MyShout! by searching for ‘Lucinda Kerawalla’ here.

For security reasons, access to MyShout! is via a password only. If you are an adult working with young people who would like to carry out their own research with your support, please email david.messer@open.ac.uk with your details. Cindy no longer works as an academic.

Acknowledgement: The organisation of this site into sections which represent phases of the research process, and the names of these phases, is inspired by work carried out by the Personal Inquiry project. For example, see: Scanlon, E., Anostopoulou, S., Kerawalla, L. and Mulholland, P. (2011), How technology resources can be used to represent personal inquiry and support students’ understanding of it across contexts. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 27 (6), pp 516-529.