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Greetings from Sally Caird and Gerd Kortuem

We were awarded funding following an application to The Open University’s Smart Cities Open Challenge Competition to work on the SmartDframe project 2014-2015. This aims to develop new cross cutting ‘smart city evaluation frameworks’ to support city development programmes, and performance evaluation against relevant targets.

SmartDframe aims to trial smart city evaluation frameworks linked to city performance indicators that are holistic, data-driven, well-defined, impact-focused, and transferable across projects. We are working closely with the OU flagship initiative MK:Smart  and with a range of UK and European city authorities, industry stakeholders, academics, and policy-makers.  The project is at the exploratory phase and we are in process of recruiting staff and setting up arrangements to interview city authorities in the UK and EU.

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About Sally

Dr Sally Caird (FHEA) is a Lecturer in Innovation and Sustainability at the Open University with an extensive research and publication record in the design, development and evaluation of innovative products, services and systems. My current interests are in city innovation programmes.
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