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Where will you meet your future?

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OU law student Alexander was working in his retail job when a chance conversation with a customer – who happened to be a solicitor – kick-started his legal career. He said:

I was looking for work experience and was not getting anywhere due to the highly competitive nature of law. The OU’s Careers and Employability Services helped me to massively improve my CV… Within months, I was offered a paid job at a fast growing, dynamic and reputable law firm.

The prospect of ‘networking’ can be daunting but it’s just about starting a conversation. The next person you meet could open doors for your career. Take a look at our tips for face-to-face networking at careers fairs, conferences and workshops. And, like Alexander found, they might even come in handy in those random unexpected circumstances.

Start networking in a friendly environment

Around three quarters of OU students are in work while they study so your OU peers are a great source to start building your network from. Join The Open University Careers Network LinkedIn group – TOUCaN for short. It’s a friendly way to gain networking skills and make connections with OU students, graduates and professionals. Connect with OU students in our career forums on a range of topics and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with the latest events and opportunities. Watch our webinar to develop your skills in networking and social media.

Widen your network with OpportunityHub

If you haven’t looked at OpportunityHub yet, why not? It’s your OU-exclusive place to find opportunities and it’s not just about jobs; browse hundreds of roles for work experience, internships, volunteering, employer events and insight visits which could all lead to a career just right for you. You can also stay up to date with the latest vacancies from your favourite employers by clicking “+Follow” next to the name of the organisation.

Make it happen

Now you’ve opened the door to a new opportunity, what next? Careers and Employability Services can help you realise your potential and take that next step forward. Alexander said about the service:

I could not have done this without your help, the solicitors said that I had the best CV and interview and so offered me the job.

Whether it’s through gaining work experience, networking on social media, or just a chance encounter – make a good impression, make it work for you, and you might just have met your future.