Best of Module 2018 – Rebecca McFleat T217

Rebecca’s design has received a commendation from the jury. The design and poster, in which the design is so effectively presented, shows a lot of attention to detail and doability.

Student: Rebecca McFleat

Title: ‘MIIX Toy’ product design

A design for an educational toy for under 12’s that can adapt to meet the requirements of a growing child. The toy design is both ergonomic and tactile fitting in the hand and aesthetically stimulating.

The design takes a multi-sensory approach to aid a child’s learning process through audio and visual stimulation, game playing, and physical interaction and addresses both physical and digital design through app use.

The idea offers a complex and well-realised design that has the potential for development. The detail in the poster identifies the mechanistic nature and a sophisticated thought process into how the product may work as different stages and materials that would be used.

Module: T217