Audrey Buchan

Winner Level 3


Cocoon – Inflatable insulating Jacket

The jury selected Audrey’s design concept as the winner because it showed a strong awareness of current developments in materials to combat issues of sustainability through low impact design. 

The idea creatively explores the use of new sustainable materials as an alternative to the current materials used in similar products, micro fibres, that are adding to the pollution issues.  

Use of the latest research for growing textile fibres has been cleverly considered by using mushroom leather alongside a simple unobtrusive method for achieving the insulation. Further ideas are also environmentally aware through the aesthetics of the jacket which use natural dyes and textures.

The idea for a ‘blow up’ jacket allows the wearer to control how insulating the jacket is when worn and is inventive, creative and forward thinking in a fast fashion market that is saturated with waste products.