Patrice Belton

Special commendation


Let’s Make Vis’tory – Road Safety for Cyclists

The jury commended the complex exploration, thought process and ideas produced by Patrice which show design ideas based on good research, communicated in a well-balanced poster.

Each stage of Patrice’s design process is communicated in this commended poster. The initial problem is how to keep cyclists safe on the roads with other traffic and ensure greater awareness and protection against accidents. 

The range of ideas explored shows both logical and innovative thinking and addresses both the individual and wider legislative responsibilities that could be developed  through campaigns, improvements to the highway code, mirror systems, visibility clothing and cycle friendly road layouts.

The solution proposed has been refined to bring together several of these ideas to redesign the way that cycling is addressed within our society. The visual communication and balance of this, with the use of catchy slogans and visuals in the design engages the viewer.