Upcoming concerts to feature compositions by Liz Lane

There will be three major performances of music by Liz Lane, Associate Lecturer on A224 Inside Music, during the next month. The first, a performance of Antiphonary for brass band, will take place in Murcia Cathedral, Spain, at the end of October, performed by Lydbrook Band and conducted by Ian Holmes.

November then sees two world premieres of newly commissioned works from Bristol800 with Arts Council Funding. The first, Dance where the Spirit Enlightens, is part of the Arts Council England 70th Anniversary Concert, alongside a lecture by former Arts Council Chairman Sir Christopher Frayling. This is a 30-minute work in seven movements – one for each decade – representing arts supported by ACE and featuring key historical aspects from each decade. It will be performed by a diverse ensemble ranging from professionals to students, featuring soloists, brass ensemble and an Indian bhangra band.

The third performance, Innovation 216, is for a choir of 300 and brass. This ten-minute work traces the history of flight, including that of the iconic Concorde, from which the title is taken; Concorde 216 was the last such plane to be built and flown and will be housed in a new museum at Bristol next year.

About Byron Dueck

Byron Dueck is Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology and Head of Music at the Open University.
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