Two new books from Byron Dueck

Department of Music lecturer Byron Dueck has two new books out! The first, Musical Intimacies and Indigenous Imaginaries: Aboriginal Music and Dance in Public Performance (Oxford University Press), is a monograph exploring several of the genres performed in the vital aboriginal music scene in the western Canadian province of Manitoba, focusing in particular on fiddling, country music, Christian hymnody, and step dancing. The volume outlines a theory of musical publics, examines the complex, overlapping social orientations of contemporary musicians, and explores the central role music and dance play in a distinctive indigenous public culture.

The second, Experience and Meaning in Music Performance (Oxford University Press), is an edited volume produced in collaboration with Martin Clayton and Laura Leante. The interdisciplinary study explores how the experience of musical sound relates to processes of meaning construction and discursive mediation. The collection contains contributions by three scholars who completed their PhDs at the Open University – Mark Doffman, Andy McGuiness, and Nikki Moran – as well as a chapter by Glaura Lucas, who held a two-month British Academy Visiting Fellowship at the Open University during the academic year 2007-2008.

About Byron Dueck

Byron Dueck is Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology and Head of Music at the Open University.
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